How to send a beacon to the MTS?

The situation , when you need very urgently to call someone and that's when the money runs out on the account , are familiar to many cellular subscribers . To exit such a situation leading mobile operators several years ago began offering a variety of solutions . There was an exception in this respect , MTS , which has implemented a service called " Call Me " allows you to send the required subscriber specific request informing you that you are waiting for a call from him. The common people this service immediately dubbed " beacon ."


How to use
In order to send a message to the subscriber requesting call you dial on your mobile phone request to the following:
* 110 * 8918XXXXXXX # ✆

Phone can be administered in any convenient format: 8918XXXXXXX, 7918XXXXXXX, 918XXXXXXX, 7918XXXXXXX.

As a result of this request the caller number 8918XXXXXXX will receive an SMS-message, which will contain a request to call back along with your phone number, the date and time the request was sent.

Sending these messages can not
only within the MTS network , but also to subscribers of other mobile networks . At the same time as the sending and receiving the message the caller can be both at the home area , which registered its number, and in the long-distance and international roaming .

The fee for using the service "Call Me Back" will be charged, but there is a limit to the sending of such messages.

The service is available for all subscribers of MTS and does not require activation.
* 110 * 0 # ✆

If your phone after sending the beacon information messages come with unreadable characters, switch the language displayed on the transliteration of the team:
* 111 * 6 * 2 # ✆

For more information on services available at the center operators working with clients of MTS.