How to block a contact in Viber?

In any phone , whether it is conventional or more modern cellular -based Internet and various applications , sooner or later the question arises the possibility of blocking calls from certain phone numbers . In the "black list" usually try to place annoying fans who were close friends with whom there was a break in relations , or just not very nice people that do not want to have any contact .

More recently, the ability to create and manage lists of blocked subscribers appeared in VoIP applications for smartphones Viber.

How to block a contact in iOS Viber
To block a number from your contacts, open the address book and in the bottom of the profile, click the linkBlock this contact.

blocking contact in iPhoneblocking contact in iPhone

How to block a contact in Viber for Android
On phones running the operating system Andoid lock the same way. Block.

blocking contact on Androidblocking contact on Android

Block can be contacted directly during a call. When you receive a call from an unknown number that is not in your contacts , you will have two options: add a new subs
criber to your list of contacts or block it.