How do I delete photos from iphone?

Modern smartphones have a very decent cameras to carry out high-quality images. It is no exception in this respect and iPhone. His camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels produces excellent for a compact mobile gadget pictures. The only problem faced by amateur mobile photography - is the lack of memory space. Therefore, sooner or later they question how to delete photos from iphone. This question worries and happy owners of newly iPhone, which in the joy of the acquisition filmed himself in the phone, and now want to remove it all, but do not know how to do it.


There are various ways to delete photos from the iPhone , which differ depending on the number of images and the way in which they came to the phone. In fact, besides the immediate images the camera in the iPhone , you can also upload any images via iTunes or third-party file managers .

Photos taken with the camera are stored in the phone's album "Camera Roll" application "Photos" and downloaded via iTunes or third-party file manager - in the album

application application "Photos" in the iPhonetypes of photo albums in the iPhonetypes of photo albums in the iPhone

How do I delete photos from iphone from the album "Film"
  1. To delete photos from iphone tapnite one finger on the icon boxes at the bottom right of the screen and select "Delete photo" from the list of actions.

    Remove selected photosRemove selected photosconfirm the deletionconfirm the deletion

  2. To delete a few photos with the iPhone go to view mode "Film", click in the upper right corner of the screen button "Edit", tick off the desired photos and tapnite button "Delete" in the lower right corner.

    view album view album "Film"delete multiple photosdelete multiple photos

  3. To delete all photos from the iPhone connect the cable to your computer. Go to portable iPhone, which will appear in the "My Computer" and remove all pictures from the folder by pressing the Del key on the keyboard , selecting them with the mouse or pre keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A ( A - English) .

    delete all photos through the computerdelete all photos through the computer

How to remove a photo from the iPhone album of "library"
Separate discussion deserve the photos uploaded to the phone through iTunes or a third-party file managers and are in the "Media Library".

Therefore, connect iPhone via USB-cable to your computer, either run it on iTunes, if he had not run automatically, follow these steps.
  1. Create an empty folder anywhere on your computer with any name.
  2. Go to iTunes and managing properties in the phone.

    deleting photos via iTunesdeleting photos via iTunes

  3. In the "Photo", select "Sync photos from" and in the drop-down list, select "Choose Folder".

    "Photos" section in iTunes

  4. Specify the path to the newly created empty folder.
  5. Click "Sync" in iTunes.

Since established the folder is empty, after the completion of the library in sync the iPhone will also be empty.

After removal, open the iPhone app "Photo" to once again make sure that the phone does not go unnoticed photos.