How to change the subject in Yandex?

Choice of different design options, or how they say skins or skins , for the first time began to be used in computer programs . Over time, the benefits of individualization of design for users rated and a variety of online services such as search engines and e- mail services . The function of changing the theme and offers Yandex , and separately for the search for its e-mail service . Consider how this is implemented in practice.

How to change the subject in Yandex search
To choose a theme on the main page search service Yandex, follow these steps.
  1. In the upper right corner, click the gear icon to switch to a personal search form.
  2. In the menu that appears, selectPut the topic.

    the transition to the choice of themesthe transition to the choice of themes

  3. At the bottom of the available options appear. Save Settings.

    preservation of the chosen themepreservation of the chosen theme

Yandex to remember your theme settings to pre-authorize its change to your account on any of the services.

How to change the subject to Yandex mail
Subject to change Yandex mail service in the same way.
  1. Go to your e-mail address with a login and password, if you have not logged in e-mail.
  2. Click change topics in the upper right corner.

    select button topicsselect button topics

  3. A window will appear with a choice of available themes. All topics.
  4. Choose your favorite topic.

    choice of themeschoice of themes

The settings will be saved and applied to your account, even on other computers as soon as you enter into your account with your username and password.