How to use the cloud Mile ru?

Cloud services is a modern trend in the field of information technology. Cloud began to call any remote server resources that address a variety of current problems users use information associated with the digital storage of files and archives, accommodation sites, work in a variety of paid programs without their direct purchase. Consider the use of a cloud service for storing files from a company

How to use the cloud Mile py through the browser
We offer a brief guide to the functions of the cloud service from the Mile pv.
  1. To start using the cloud from Mile py you must have a registered account at the post office
  2. After registering, go to the home page of the cloud service at
  3. Read the License Agreement, accept the terms and go to work with the service by clickingStart work.

    Getting StartedGetting Started

  4. To upload your data to the cloud, pressDownloadand select a location on your computer the necessary files . The maximum file size that can be downloaded through the browser is 2GB . Aft
    er downloading the files, they can carry out the necessary steps: rename, available for download , move through folders and so on.

    Loading data into the cloudLoading data into the cloud

  5. To get a link to the uploaded files, which anyone can download data, highlight the file you downloaded and clickGet the link.

    Obtain a rope from the cloudObtain a rope from the cloud

    Copy the link from the pop up window.
  6. If after a while you want to disable download files from your cloud, select it and clickRemove link.

    deleting references to the file from the clouddeleting references to the file from the cloud

  7. To organize downloaded files is recommended to lay them in the appropriate folders. Createand choose from the menuFolder.

    Create a folder in the cloudCreate a folder in the cloud

  8. To delete files that you no longer need to be stored in the cloud mark the files, and then clickRemove.

    Remove files of the cloudRemove files of the cloud

  9. In addition to storing files using cloud you can create a document , spreadsheet or presentation that is equivalents documents , works with Office applications Word, Excel and Power Point , respectively. To create these files in the cloud , pressCreateand select the desired item in the menu that appears.

    creation of documents in the cloudcreation of documents in the cloud

  10. If you sent a link to download any file stored on a cloud , you can not download it to your computer and save it to your cloud . To do this, click on the button with a picture of clouds and select the folder to save the data .
Working with cloud Mile ru simply.

How to use the cloud Mile py through the application
Even more convenient to use the cloud via a browser , and use apps that can be set for all popular computer platforms , as well as smartphones. One advantage of using the application is the fact that they can be used to upload files up to 32 GB. The order of use of the application :
  1. Download App Cloud for your computer.

    installing the application for the cloudinstalling the application for the cloud

  2. Install the application on a computer from a saved setup file.
  3. During the first launch the program will offer to create a folder on the computer that will be synchronized with the cloud . Now it is enough to put any data in the folder and they will be automatically copied to the cloud. It is only necessary to keep the application running on the computer.

    Create a folder synchronizationCreate a folder synchronization

As stated by the company itself Mile ru using its cloud service user no longer need to worry about the safety of personal data , and they are always and on any device will be "at hand" . We can only believe in the word and / or test the validity of this statement .