How do I delete an ad on Avito?

After the ad to Avito fulfilled its function and was no longer relevant, and you sold respectively that you become unnecessary, it ( declaration) is desirable to remove , or at least close to you are not bothered with unnecessary calls. The site interface Avito developers have tried to make the most intuitive and easy to have its users had no problems with free classifieds. But , as statistics show Inernet requests some difficulties arise all the same . For example, removing the ads.

How do I delete an ad on Avito
Depending on whether the required data from the ads in the future , you can either close it or completely removed from the site Avito . In the latter case the reversal ads and the information contained therein would not be possible .

To remove the ads from the publication by saving it online Avito, do the following.
  1. Go to the personal account on the website with your username and password.
  2. On the main page of your personal account sectionMy classifiedsThey will reflect all your active ads.
  3. Check all the ads that you want to remove from the bulletin board, but keep on the site Avito and pressRemove marked with the publication of the ad.

    Removing ads from the publicationRemoving ads from the publication

  4. Choose one of the reasons that you are shooting the ad, and then clickRemove Ads from the publication.

    clarify the causes of withdrawalclarify the causes of withdrawal

If everything is correct, then in the sectionMy classifiedsrunning ads next to see a new tabFinished, Which is and will be taken from the publication of the advertisement.

Completely remove Avito only previously removed from the publication of the advertisement.
  1. Go to sectionFinishedand select an ad by setting a tick in front of him.
  2. After selection, press the button became activeRemove all.

    Remove all adsRemove all ads

  3. In the dialog box that appears in response to a question whether you really want to remove the ads permanently marked confirm your selection by pressing the keyOK.

    confirm the deletionconfirm the deletion

After complete removal of the text ads and related photos restore online Avito you can not . Keep this in mind and correctly select the appropriate mode with which you close your ad from the site Avito .