How to Shift language the incentive?

All online purchases of digital games service Steam (Steam) made ​​through a special application which is installed on users' computers . This application is sometimes called the client. Change the language of the client may be required or where during his initial installation you choose the appropriate language , or when the language setting got lost during the next application update .

More often than not have to be switched from English into Russian, so it will continue to be considered a special case.

How to change the language of the incentive from English into Russian
To change the language, you need to perform the following simple steps:
  1. After turning on your computer Steam runs automatically and is minimized in the system tray - the panel at the bottom right of the computer screen , which displays the date and time , the input language and other basic characteristics of the current state of the computer.
    Find the Steam client on its icon in the panel, and expand it.

    client deployment from the trayclient deployment from the tray

  2. In the upper left corner of the client window, click the inscriptionSteamand in the dropdown menu, select Call SettingsSettings.

    To configure the clientTo configure the client

  3. In the window of your account various settings tabInterface.

    To configure the interfaceTo configure the interface

  4. In this tab, expand the list of available languages ​​at the top, at the top of the window, selectRussian languageand pressOk.

    selection and installation of the languageselection and installation of the language

  5. As a result of the last action you will see a window that says that in order to apply the revised settings, you should restart Steam. RESTART STEAMin this window.

    Reboot the clientReboot the client

For other languages, the switching process will be similar.