How to find a word on the site?

By searching the necessary information on the Internet often have to search through large amounts of text information to be found on them that you really care . This requires additional time and effort to help save search skills words on web pages . Possessing these skills , you can go directly to the most important information to avoid exhausting vchityvaniya in every sentence and fears to miss the magic word .

How to find the right word Online
Viewed method of searching for words on the site is extremely simple and versatile. It works in all modern browsers . The only difference is design of search tools , its location and layout of search results in various web browsers . To find a word on the page , follow these steps .
  1. Open you are using an Internet browser and go to the page on which to search.
  2. Press the key combinationCtrl FIf you work on a computer running one of the operating systems Windows, or FIf you use a Mac.

    search bar in Mozilla Firefoxsearch bar in Mozilla Firefox

  3. Enter a search term or search phrase into the search box
    . If the word or phrase is found on the page , they will be allocated a characteristic color, or to highlight it, you need to press the corresponding button in the panel. If they are located outside the visible portion of the screen , the page will be automatically scrolled to the word or phrase hit the area visibility . In cases where the introduction of the phrase is not found in the page, you will hear a beep , which informs about the error.
  4. If no match is more , some browsers will tell you the number of matches. Stir them you can , using the corresponding arrow keys for moving to the next or previous search result .
  5. Once the search is complete, close the bar by clicking on the cross.
Consideration of the method can not only search for information on web pages, but also in any other program that works with textual information.