How to connect the font from the site?

Long gone are the days when the choice of fonts for web design was limited to standard , so-called "safe" range . It included a total of nine fonts , namely Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New Roman, Trebuched MS and Verdana. With the development of Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets , used to the appearance of the Web pages , the opportunity to use almost any font in the design of sites , regardless of whether these fonts installed on your computer or not.

To use on its website some original font must have the font itself, lead him to certain formats and connect to the site.

How do I connect to the site font
Connecting custom fonts to the site may be performed in at least two ways:
  • SwiftWhen the font itself is loaded with specialized third-party resources.
  • The usualWhen the font in all formats required for connection is stored on the same server as the entire site in one of its template folder.
Consider two methods using simplified examples.

Fast connection to the site font with special services
There are different services that are stored at various interesting fonts and provide an opportunity to use them on different sites . One such service is the Google Fonts. On the basis of the connection of fonts is as follows.
  1. Go to the site of service Google Fonts, set the filter that you are interested in Cyrillic fonts, and choose one of the favorite fonts.
  2. Press buttonAdd to CollectionTo add a font in your collection.
  3. After selecting the font appears at the bottom panel to create a collection of fonts, which is you selected font. UseTo get the embed selected font on your website.

    Google Fonts supportGoogle Fonts support

  4. Copy the code for connecting the font for a site that will be similar to the following:

  5. Refresh your browser and check the results.
Another such service is the site
  1. Find a suitable font on the site
  2. Once found, click the fontget font.

    Service WebFontsService WebFonts

  3. From the pop-up window, copy the embed font to a site that will be similar to the following:

    import "";
  4. Insert the code containing the designimportin a file CSS-style of your site, or connect it to the tags on the very village.