How to repost in Instagrame?

Instagram - a relatively new social network , quickly gained fans and compete with other websites and applications. This is not surprising , given the possibility Instagrama : processing and publication of the photographs in real time. However, there are limitations such as the inability to save another image - it's against the rules Instagrama . But even the most stringent rules may be wise to get around , for example, make a repost in Instagrame to the desired image appears on your page .

Repost photographs in Instagrame does not infringe copyright because the moves are not only the image but also the signature. It turns out that you do not publish at another photograph , and a copy with attribution . In such conditions it is possible to do both at the repost Instagrame and repost from Instagrama in Facebook , VKontakte , Twitter and other social networks . And entering into the taste , certainly you want to do repost video Instagrame . We know exactly how to do it, and are willing to share this informat
ion .

How to use Instagramom?
Instagram or Instagram - is a virtual service and accompanying application for mobile devices and the Internet site from which you can view the publication Instagram users, but do not manage your account. To become Instagrama, just download the application and Instagram account and then make, edit and publish photos and videos, add other users as a friend, to see and comment on their entries in the newswire and many other amenities, including do repost in Instagrame or Instagrama.

Use Instagramom just immediately appreciated its users around the world, including the stars of show business, with many preferring to Instagram mega before Twitter. Accounts celebrities Instagrame attracted even more fans, so it is now possible to observe the life of celebrities in near real time, and see their self laykat, photo breakfast coverage of the area and from behind the scenes. Great, right? But even in such a seductive ointment was not without a spoon of tar. These are the possibilities and limitations Instagrama:
  • Photos in Instagrame have a characteristic form : they are perfectly square, as opposed to the rectangular images that make standard cameras . When loading a rectangular image in Instagram , the program will automatically cut the picture to equalize all sides . You can avoid pruning , after adding in the missing areas of the field .
  • Instagram application supports multiple mobile operating systems : iOS 4.3 and higher , Android 2.2 and above, and Windows Phone 8. You can download Instagram in the App Store and Google Play respectively, and completely free of charge . Moreover, in Intagrame not had any paid services and / or filters , and all purchases relate only to third-party services .
    restrictions Instagramerestrictions Instagrame
  • These "side " services include many applications and services, appeared on the wave of popularity Instagrama . In particular, today you can print photos from Instagrama on paper or canvas , put it on the cloth , magnet or other memento , display on electronic media , etc.
  • Instagram is technically connected with the most popular social networks : Facebook, VKontakte and Foursquare. This means that you can make a repost from Instagrama to any of these networks , if you have associated accounts in them. Repost done automatically if the appropriate option to configure the application , or manually with each new publication.
  • Settings Instagrama can not only apply visual filters on the photos , but also to celebrate geolocation place where made ​​and / or published photograph. In addition, each user can , if desired, to close its page from strangers , leaving only with friends or even just for yourself .
Privacy settings do not allow to repost Instagrame or Instagrama to external services . In all other cases, you can picture from another Census Instagrama to your and / or save it on the wall in the social network .

Saving and repost the photos.
The original application Instagram does not imply the possibility of repost . But if users want to do repost in Instagrame - they find the opportunity to realize this function in other ways. For example, the easiest way to repost in Instagrame :
  1. Go to Instagram and open the photo you want on your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Take a picture of the screen. Method for creating a screenshot depends on the operating system of the device . To take a screen shot on the iPhone , simultaneously press the «home» button and turn off the smartphone. To take a screenshot on Android , press and hold the power button until you see the corresponding menu.
  3. Screenshot need to keep in memory. By the same token , you can make and save a screenshot on your computer when you browse Instagram on the screen , and then send it to a mobile device via a cord , email or cloud service .
  4. Going into Instagram to your account , press the center button to create a new post. Load the saved image from the gallery screen shot , cutting the integrated graphics editor Instagrama unnecessary portions of the image .
  5. Publish the resulting image in its own name, at the request of adding filters and / or other effects.
The obvious advantage of the method to repost Instagrame - no unnecessary frames and signatures , unless the author's signature is not applied to the image. So, be honest with your subscribers and yourself, do not give the wrong picture of your own. Copyright has not been canceled , and just to be in an awkward situation, you're unlikely to want.

How to repost with text in Instagrame?
There is another way : do repost in instagrame through the application. Applications repost in Instagrame popular and easy to use, you can download them from the App Store and Google Play, choose any to your taste and / or focusing on the ratings and reviews from other users. Whatever the application to repost in Instagrame you choose, the more likely it will work under the standard scheme :
application to repostapplication to repost
  1. After downloading the application, open it, and sign in using the login and password of your account Instagram.
  2. You will see a tape of publications similar to your newswire in Instagrame.
  3. Additional sections of the application allow you to see your favorite publications and possibly your own page.
  4. Click on any of the photos visible and open it to full screen.
  5. Just click on this button and the selected photo will appear on your page as the publication of your name.
This will be accompanied by repost signature with a link to the author's original photos , reference to the application and, optionally, additional tags . Making census frame around the photo and other details depend on the design of the application and can be slightly different .

Similarly, do repost video Instagrame if you downloaded the application supports this feature. Therefore, if you are interested in not only pictures but also video clips , just pay attention to this possibility. It's faster and easier than downloading video from Instagrama , and then re- upload it to your account .

How to make a repost from Instagrama in social networks?
Also repost between accounts Instagrama , you can share photos with users of other services and sites. To do this, you must be registered and Instagrame , and other social networks , as well as to link both accounts together , that is specified in the application settings contact details of the second account ( one or more , depending on the capabilities of a particular service ) . Then you can share your photos of Instagrama with friends and subscribers to other social networks :
  1. When publishing photos to Instagram and fields are filled with tags and geolocation , look at the list below : VKontakte , Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. It is in these social networks and their applications can instantly place a photo - just click on the appropriate title .
  2. You can share already published photos , no matter how long you post it in her Instagram . To do this , open the desired photograph and look beneath the menu button settings. Among the options is a function of " Share ," which opens after activating the same list of social networks , as described in the preceding paragraph .
  3. Your Instagrama repost of a social network will appear in accordance with its design, but retain the signature and hashtags , originally set in Instagrame . This can be done one or multiple repost the same photos Instagrama in one, several or all of the proposed right of social networks .
All these manipulations allow us to repost in Instagrame on the iPhone and on Android , and is functionally almost identical. So what can you do repost photos and / or videos Instagrame regardless of the type of mobile device . Use this opportunity to observe the rules of etiquette in social networks and enjoy the benefits of modern communication free !