How to connect a 3G modem to your laptop?

Modems for use in 3G networks by leading mobile operators very well fit into the concept of working laptops. They are compact, not tied to a particular place, as the work of wireless technology, provide an acceptable rate of data transmission / reception. Often they are the only possible solution in cases where for various reasons it is impossible to connect a wired unlimited internet. Their only significant drawback is the high Charging of incoming and outgoing traffic. But when there is no choice, then there is no choice. It only remains to connect the modem and economical use of bandwidth.


How to connect a 3G modem to your laptop
  1. Remove the cap that protects the device from dirt and insert the modem into one of the free USB- port of the notebook. USB- port is arranged so that it connected to the connector in only one position modem. If the modem is not included with little effort into USB-port , try to rotate it 180 degrees on its axis . Do not put much effort not to bend the pins of the modem and connec
    tor . After using and recovering from the laptop modem is recommended to close its protective cap .
  2. Some modems are equipped with on-off button.
  3. Wait until the computer detects the new device and recognize it.
  4. Check power wireless USB modem. When set into USB-port device on the modem must light up LED , signaling the arrival the power from the computer , as 3G- modems have built-in power supply.
  5. Install the software to control the modem from the supplied CD. After successful installation of drivers and software in the control panel should appear the new device according to the USB-modem. If the control panel on the device are an exclamation point in a yellow triangle, it means that there were some errors in the installation process. Remove the modem software, restart the notebook and try to reinstall it. In the case of recurrence of the problem, seek the support of consultants operator.
  6. Run the modem control, enter the mobile operator issued a login and password, and then try to connect to the Internet and start surfing the World Wide Web.

For modem control on the taskbar at the bottom right after installing the software icon should appear . Using this program you can control the speed of data transmission / reception , see the status of accounts and expenditure statistics on traffic days .