How to scan the QR code?

QR codes are two-dimensional (Eng . Quick response - quick response ) have been developed in Japan, the company «Denso-Wave» in 1994 for the needs of the automotive industry. Over time, QR- codes are widely used in various fields due to the efficient way to store the encoded information . As the information itself can be anything : links to websites , phone numbers , email addresses , texts of several thousand characters.

In order to decipher the information embedded in the QR-code it is necessary to scan and read.

To scan the QR code
To scan the QR code using built-in cameras of mobile devices.

Consider the task of scanning of QR-codes in the example applications for the most popular smartphone platforms: iOS for the iPhone and Android mobile devices from different manufacturers.

Application to scan QR codes on iPhone
To enable iPhone capabilities for working with QR codes and to make them scan, follow these steps.
  1. Go to the AppStore and search function locate the application «QR Reader» by TapMedia.
  2. Install the application on the phone.

    Installation QR Reader for iPhoneInstallation QR Reader for iPhone

  3. Run the application.

    Scan QR codeScan QR code

  4. With sufficient image quality code scanner detects and extracts the encrypted information therein.
  5. The program will attempt to automatically execute instructions embedded in the code.
Example scanning QR codes on Android
On the Android platform work with QR codes does not differ from similar actions in the iOS.
  1. Visit «Play Market" and by using the search function, find the same application «QR Reader».
  2. Install this application on a smartphone.

    installed Android QR Readerinstalled Android QR Reader

  3. Run the application and in the same way "catch" in the viewfinder QR code.

    Scan QR code SmartphoneScan QR code Smartphone

  4. After the successful capture of code it will be decrypted and will automatically attempt to play it pledged action.
Of course, the application is considered by us is not the only program to scan the QR code on mobile devices.

There are also programs for reading QR codes, and for PCs. They can also be successfully used for scanning individual codes. If you need to work with a lot of code , it makes sense to have to think about the purchase of a special manual barcode scanner that connects to your computer via USB-port and has a much better performance .