How to deactivate the service on the Beeline Chameleon?

Chameleon service enabled by default on all new SIM-cards Beeline mobile operator , which are sold in the centers and customer service offices . Chameleon - a variety of informational text messages received on your phone and displays it on the display. At first, users may not notice the periodic messages appear on the screen, but with time many it begins to irritate and they are looking for ways to disable services Chameleon .

This can be done in various ways.
  1. The easiest way to disable services Chameleon - a departure from the cell phone special USSD-command of the form:
    * 110 * 20 # ✆

    After entering the phone displays "Ordered: Chameleon disable services."
  2. Another way is to use off Beeline menu that appears on your phone with SIM-card installation . Open the main menu of the phone and find the section of "Beeline" . By selecting the "Beeline" scroll down to the item «hameleon» and enter it . In paragraph «hameleon» select the "Activate" and set it to " Off " .
    For clarity, we present all the way in the form
    of a single line:
    Main Menu-Beeline-hameleon-Activation-Off

  3. The main problem with disabling services Chameleon is that many users do not know what it's called , and , accordingly, can not find a way to disable it. In this case, we can recommend to apply to the personal account , which is available for Beeline users with handy computer connected to the Internet.
    My Account allows you to view important information about your account status, as well as a convenient way to manage a variety of services, including chameleon.
    To gain access to the personal account need to get the password from him, sending a command to the phone:
    * 110 * 9 # ✆

    After receiving a password, enter it and your username in the form of the last ten digits of your phone number in the login form in the personal cabinet on the main page of the site Beeline.
    After a successful login to your personal account, click on the link to service management.
Additional information.
Disabling services through a personal account Chameleon some subscriber number is not available because it does not appear in the list of connected services. In this case , to disable Chameleon need to use the first or second method.