How to make a flower from the fabric with your hands?

Fashion clothes decorating with artificial flowers appeared more than 2,000 years BC - according to scientists , already a woman of ancient Egypt " canned " the beauty of flowers with a cloth . Later this fashion adopted the Greek women , and since then little has changed. Artificial flowers - the best choice to decorate dresses , for the manufacture of brooches , as bracelets , etc. How to make a flower from the fabric with your hands so that he long graced you with its unfading beauty?

For the manufacture of artificial flowers you will need:
  • Artificial tissue;
  • cardboard form;
  • Candle;
  • thread;
  • scissors;
  • Super glue;
  • beads;
  • beads;
  • cotton swab.
How to make a flower from the fabric with your hands in the hairpin?
  1. Cut out shapes from cardboard, and cut out the shapes onto the fabric.

    Cut shapes out of cardboardCut shapes out of cardboard

  2. Anneal edges of each lobe using suppositories.

    burning the edgesburning the edges

  3. Put onto each other, so that each petal closed following a little less than half, and bind them in the core thread.

    Bond petals threadBond petals thread

  4. Do the same with each successive layer of petals.

    repeating the process for the next layer of petalsrepeating the process for the next layer of petals

  5. Threads sew in the middle bead, and the area around it fill with glue and sprinkle with a pinch of fine beads.

    sewing beadssewing beads

  6. Voila, the flower is ready!

    ready to flowerready to flower

How to make a flower out of tissue with their own hands for the dress?
  1. Cut out the shapes of circles of different sizes.

    Cut circles of fabricCut circles of fabric

  2. Make wavy edges of the circles to get small petals.

    giving the edges of the undulationsgiving the edges of the undulations

  3. Anneal the edges with a candle to curved workpiece.

    cauterizing the edgescauterizing the edges

  4. Threads to sew three beads - so your flower will be brighter and more beautiful.

    add beadsadd beads

  5. The resulting flower can be used to decorate the dress.
How to make a fabric flower for a bouquet with their hands?
  1. By study cut the petals of different sizes and textures.

    Cut the petalsCut the petals

  2. Anneal the edges of the petals with the help of a candle.

    burning the edgesburning the edges

  3. Wrap a cotton swab with a cloth and secure with thread.

    wrapping a cotton swabwrapping a cotton swab

  4. The remaining end of the stick, wrap the thread, securing it to the end with the help of superglue.

    binding thread supergluebinding thread superglue

  5. Now the needle sequentially sew the petals, starting with the youngest.

    sewing needle petalssewing needle petals

  6. Do not forget to secure the next round petals thread.

    ready to flowerready to flower

  7. At the end of the petals of a qualitatively secure thread, sew a circle.

    fasten thread aroundfasten thread around

  8. If you want to use this flower for bouquets, you can use anything longer than the cotton swab.

    How to make a flower from the fabric with your hands?

Of course, the first few times your flowers can be obtained strong enough and not quite usable , but in needlework , not less, than in any other case , constant practice is important . The main thing - be patient and good humor , and then your flowers will be prepared better and better !