How to change the age of students?

Age , that you and your guests can see next to the name on your profile page in Odnoklassniki is calculated on the basis of date of birth, specified in the registration . If during registration you deliberately or accidentally indicated birth year is different from the present , and the age of your profile will be different from the real one. Most probably , sooner or later there will come a time when you will want to correct this discrepancy .

Often there is a desire to converse.

How to change the age at Odnoklassniki
As mentioned above for changing the age need to correct the date of birth.
  1. On the main page of your account under the main photo, clickchange settings.

    menu change account settingsmenu change account settings

  2. In the next page, move the cursor to the linePersonal data.
  3. After moving the cursor under your surname, first name, date of birth and city of residence will be a linkamend.

    link to change personal datalink to change personal data

  4. In the window that appears, select the drop-down list corresponding to your year of birth and the idea PressRetain.

    Window change personal dataWindow change personal data

  5. Personal data will be changed, as you inform the appropriate window.

    an information window on the results of changesan information window on the results of changes

Now you can return to the main page of your account and check display altered age.

For those who just want to hide your age and provided the opportunity. Publicity. My agespecify who can see it: all users, only your friends, or just you. Retainto apply the settings.