How to put emoticons Instagrame?

Social networking has its own characteristics. It is not the complexity, features and more advanced features. At first they may seem confusing, but users will soon acquire the necessary habits, such as in Instagrame put emoticons in Facebook to find friends and do repost Twitter. After all, these skills are easy, because it is designed as a comfortable, attractive tools use social networks. But that Instagram is usually the most difficult. It differs from most applications, so not all immediately understand how to put smiles.

Different operating systems also impose limitations. If you look at the smiles in instagrame on the iPhone, it seems many diverse amusing pictures. But this impression is instantly collapses as soon want to put smiles in instagrame on Android: it simply does not provide such a wide range of emoticons for instagrama. First, the owners of smartphones and tablets on the android frustrated, and then come up with a way to put in Instagrame smiles on Android as on the iPhone. This method is
available to everyone, and we are happy to share with you Emoji emoticons to instagram.

Smileys for Instagrama.
Emoticons in instagrame as in other virtual resources play an important and pleasant function: to express emotions, stress and intonation sometimes even replace text. You can put them in the same way the old-fashioned: the combination of punctuation marks. But the painted smiles or Emoji, look much more expressive and more interesting. Accordingly, the range of emotions they symbolized not as an example more than just a colon and parentheses. Today the "population" of emoticons has grown so much that it is time to classify their origin, style and distribution. There are some kinds of emoticons:
  • Classic emoticons were the first maps of emotions with the help of the printing plates and is a true classic of its kind , still has not lost relevance. Combinations colons , periods or brackets , and , rarely, other punctuation marks , symbolically denotes faces, figures , objects in a horizontal position on a text .
  • Unicode Emoticons ☺ simple and common to all languages ​​and easy to put a simple coding system. Unicode is used by all operating systems , so you can put smiles on Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android , and other, less hyped platforms.
    graphical smiliesgraphical smilies
  • Graphical emoticons - drawn embodiment of the same emotions , but much more detailed . Graphical emoticons like miniature pictures have become popular with internet messaging , chat rooms and forums . But if emoticons are written at any time , even by hand, even on the standard keyboard , in order to put a graphical smiley face , need special layout and / or menu item.
  • Asian emoticons - a kind of text created using the same character , but without turning to one side ( = ^. ^ =) . The correct name of the Asian emoticons - kaomodzi . Oniochen resemble the face of typical anime and cartoon characters on average harder and longer variantivnee than smiles of Western culture.
  • Mathematical emoticons - another variation on the theme of text emoticons with inherent scholar specific humor. Mathematical emoticons are formed from characters of mathematical formulas . This layout is typical for scientific texts , but is available to all interested users.
So traced emoticons , or smileys , pictures are not in the majority, and occupy only a fifth of the diversity among the emoticon (a set of characters and symbols for expressing emotions in text) . Nevertheless, it is graphical smileys or emoticons Emoji, like the vast majority of users and are used more often than others . So you always have a choice: to put smiles classic " old school " or learn how to insert funny smiley pictures .

Exactly how to put smiles in Instagrame?
If you have been registered in Instagram and regularly use this application , you already know the main features : able to post photos and videos, make comments and repost with smiles and without them. But as mobile applications are regularly updated , let's Will verify the information and at the same time discuss some implicit functions instagrama :
  1. You can put smiles in Instagrame in the comments and captions office - other text fields are not provided. Aside from the information in the user profile , which is filled during the registration instagram, but can be edited at any time. Usually here write now username instagram, some witty phrase or slogan life , links to accounts in other social networks , but no one bothers you to insert here the same emoticons .
  2. When you download photos or videos to Instagram insert smiley description , next to the text and / or hashtag . Note that instagram does not accept smileys as tags , so pointless to use a combination of «# :-)» «# ☺» , etc. Smileys in the comments inserted simultaneously with the publication of comments and edit them later will not be possible .
  3. You can insert an emoticon into an already published text - description of your publication. To do this, go to the application using your account , open a photo or video in full screen instagrame and get under her right lower corner options. Click on it and select "Edit " or " Edit " . In the text box to edit an existing text , including the insert and / or delete emoticons .
Emoticons make Instagram in which the text , and so relatively little , interesting and informative . But even laconic comments can be put into words , without replacing their standard rozhitsami . Keep this in mind and do not insert smileys in Instagrame and other social networks where you can enter a meaningful text .

How to put smiles on Instagrame iPhones and iPads?
Mobile gadgets to iOS 3.0 and later versions have a built-in keyboard in the production of Emoji, ie a set of graphic emoticons . You can insert emoticons Emoji in Instagram , SMS messages , text editors . This does not know all the owners of iPhones , so tell how to put smiles in Instagrame :
smileys in iPhonesmileys in iPhone
  1. Activate the keyboard with emoticons: go to the basic settings for iPhone, then click "Keyboards" get it "International Keyboards," then - "New" and among them include the application «Emoji».
  2. Now, to insert a smiley Instagrame or another text box , note the virtual keyboard on the screen. It became possible to switch layouts in the additional field , which contains the available emoticons , and a lot of them .
  3. If for some reason your iPhone was not a set of graphic emoticons, you can search and download in addition to AppStorepo request «Emoji».
The only possible disappointment waiting for you - this discrepancy emoticons iPhone and Android. Therefore, if you insert smileys in beautiful Instagram iPhone with your friends with Android smartphones can just did not see it! It's a shame , but those are the marketing war. Although you can find out, if you configure the Android desired.

Like Instagrame put smiles on Android?
Developers Android operating system did not provide the possibility of inserting graphical smilies by default. But this defect is corrected the authors of mobile applications , so you can download the keyboard «Emoji» in the Play Store , and then use it to insert emoticons in Instagrame , communications and wherever you wish :
  1. Go to Google Play , and then type in the search bar «free keyboard Emoji». You see a lot of applications from different authors , and can select and download one or several to try and keep the best. But before downloading desirable read reviews from other users so you know in advance about the bugs , conflicts and nerusifitsirovannyh applications.
  2. When the application is downloaded, click "Open" button right on his page on Google Play , or go to the settings menu of your smartphone. Find the " Keyboards " , get it new desired keypad and activate it by moving the dial to «On».
  3. Then, go to the settings of the keyboard app Emoji, finding it in the program list, and turn it on and / or switch to a standard keyboard on Emoji.
  4. Make sure the menu and / or in the phone menu selection are checkboxes next to the line Emoji, Russian, English and the languages ​​that you use except for them.
  5. Now the keyboard with emoticons will be part of your usual keyboard and when typing you will need to change the layout to insert emoticons emodzhi in instagram.
As you can see , put smiles in instagram is not so easy , but all the difficulties to be overcome once that then no problem to use emoticons in Instagrame and other applications . Share your emotions in social networks , share useful information with their friends and put smiles only when it is appropriate and is correctly understood. Good luck and lots of fun !