How do I delete comments Instagrame?

Deleting comments Instagrame and other social networks are not welcome, but there are times when you need to simply delete the comment. All signatures, replicas and comments - this communion, though virtual, but between human beings. A living people makes mistakes, typos, click on the wrong button and / or smilies, do not suitable meaning. It's a shame, but the understanding of their oversight usually comes after a comment has been sent. And then I have no choice but to remove comments Instagrame. Well, or at least edit it.

While not always necessary to remove your comment in Instagrame. Sometimes other people leave comments, see who does not want. By a part, it is not prohibited to remove a foreign Instagrame comments on your page. And do not forget about advertising accounts involved in sending spam intrusive. In recent years they have intensified that delete comments in Instagrame falls almost daily. It remains to determine how to remove comments instagrame, and even better - once and for all to protect
themselves from unwanted and unpleasant publications users.

Unwanted comments Instagrame.
We must admit that the developers of social networks and the corresponding mobile application Instagram feedback from users and take into account their wishes . Since 2010 , when Instagram was released , and to this day regularly published updates of the program , each of which contains more or less significant changes of design, functionality and additional features. So , many of the tools that we see today , and easily use in Instagrame were unavailable his first users :
  • Comment photos to Instagram as a sign the publication and / or comments can be at once, it was realized the essence of blogging application.
  • Hashtag in the comments and signatures of publications have appeared only in 2011, almost six months after the first release instagrama for iPhone in the AppStore.
  • Leave comments under false images can be in any account if it is not closed (that is, if you see the contents).
  • On his page on Instagram , you can delete all the comments, their own and others . Here are the rightful owner of and to dispose of information. However, to prevent other users to comment on this or that picture is not possible if an account is open for them .
  • To disable commenting on your photos in Instagrame , close access to the account : for all without discrimination to all but friends . Then your visitors and / or subscribers will not be able to comment on the publication - in fact, they simply will not see .
It turns out that to remove comments Instagrame possible , but will confine its comments and removal of cleaning their own account. If you do not like a strange comment on someone else's page , you will not be able to remove it , even if it is addressed to you , and even if it offends you . This can make a host account , and you will have no choice but to ask him to remove nasty comment , but there really all depends on his mercy . Or does not it? Now a look.

How to remove a strange comment in Instagrame from your phone or tablet?
Adverse comments were and will be in Instagrame from their appearance no one is immune . But no one is forcing you to endure other people's statements that you do not like , especially if they are left advertising robot spammer in the comments. Feel free to delete other people's comments Instagram just a few clicks on the screen smartphone :
  1. Go to the application under your account, and locate the photo or video.
  2. Under the publication, the author's signature to it already made someone comments there are two buttons: "Like" (heart) and "comment" (bubble replica as in the comics).
  3. Even if you are not going to leave, and delete comments, click on the "comment".
  4. Photo disappears, but all comments will be opened in the list, even the longest of them, which is usually part of the application hides to become fully visible.
  5. Press once on the comment that you do not like and want to remove . Will pop up a menu of actions available to you as a user of Instagram . When it comes to someone else's comment under your publication will be in it and click " Delete Comment " .
    Complaint about the commentary in the iPhoneComplaint about the commentary in the iPhone
  6. If an unwanted comment is not hosted on your page, the item "Delete" will not be, but it will be the item "Report Comment".
  7. Notice of Bad comments indicates prohibited for whatever reason, materials. But just nayabednichali without explanation can not : you have to choose the reason for which you do not like Comment : spam, fraud, prohibited materials , etc. ( in different versions of the wording of the application change slightly , but the essence remains the same ) .
  8. After you send a complaint to a stranger in a strange comment account commentary will not disappear , but it will take the controls, as well as its author, so that in the future it is possible that it will be blocked for sending prohibited materials .
  9. On his page on Instagrame you too can not only delete comments and complain about them and their authors. But here, you have more possibilities : the author unwanted comments can be made to the blacklist , that is to forbid him to comment on your photos in the future.
Note that to remove a comment from a computer does not work, no matter how you view Instagram : via the website or add- in internet browser . Post comments on their behalf , view the entire answer to other people's comments Instagrame from your computer , you can , but remove and block - you can not , nor their or someone else's .

How do I delete comments Instagrame on iPhone and android?
Appendix " Instagram " for smartphones and tablets running on different operating systems , it looks a little different . These differences are minor , but are forced to linger users upgrading to iOS to Android or vice versa :
  1. The above-described method for removing comments may differ on your gadget . To check , try to open all the comments, and then hold your finger on the left unwanted comments . If a wheeled bin (the icon "Delete" ) - click on it to get rid of the comments .
  2. In Instagrame can be removed not only by the publication of comments , but comments to their publication , ie its description. Let's say you post a photo or video to Instagram and later noticed that a mistake . Click on the menu button below the photo and click "Edit ." Now you can edit or delete the text entirely at its discretion.
  3. It happens that a comment or remove other people's comments by its publication in Instagrame fails despite the adherence to all the rules . Most likely, the reason is to break the connection to the Internet and to fix it as soon as the connection is restored .
  4. If the Internet is, and your comments in Instagrame not removed, it is sin to overload the cache.
  5. At the same time , you can remove the comment geotag , if you choose to hide your location . In addition, geo sometimes " break " and display inappropriate location. To remove it, press the menu button under the photo , and then - " change ." Touch geolocation comment on a picture and delete it.
After all, at your disposal is always a radical way to remove comments Instagrame: if you erase the publication, all the comments under it too will disappear. But before you delete comments in Instagrame such irrevocable manner, think and try to do more lenient measures. Deleting comments - an extreme step that does not cause delight and respect for you from other users. And if so, then learn to add photo comments Instagrame immediately carefully, so as not to regret his words. Good luck and lots of fun!