How to put hashtags in Instagrame?

Hashtag Instagrama - convenient invention, without which it is difficult to imagine that any other social network. More precisely, do hashtags appeared much earlier than Instagram, but once put into Instagrame hashtags have become users, development photoblog reached a new level. This will help you to promote your instagram, attract new subscribers, accelerate people Instagrame and diversify communication. If you put hashtags in Instagrame properly, their benefits will become evident, indispensable and necessary. The main thing to be able to stop in time and not to put too many tags in Instagrame.

Number hashtag in Instagrame - topical and controversial topic . She provokes a sharp altercation between users, but in the end still the final word rests with the developers , to determine the maximum number of tags in Instagram . How would you not want , the more you do not. That is why it is so important to do hashtags in Instagrame correctly to make it work .

What is a hashtag?
You may have encountered hashtag
s , even if they do not put themselves . Hashtag , or even shorter - tags - words and / or characters , sometimes whole phrases that accompany the publication in social networks to organize , labeling and simple convenience. What's so comfortable , you might say , if you have to put the tags in Instagrame instead post a picture , and do not spend more time . But once you start to put tags in Instagrame - and you will not be able to refuse them . More precisely, from the opportunities offered by the insertion hashtag in Instagram:
  • Hashtag can be compared with a marker : here is your publishing, photo or video was unremarkable and lost among many other (and Instagrame , imagine billions of posts! ) . But if you put a hashtag or several hashtags under the photo , it will acquire certain characteristics and automatically receive membership in the thematic cluster .
  • Hashtag in Instagrame in particular and the Internet in general to group messages ( text and / or audio ) on any ground . This creates favorable conditions indispensable to search for information online , surfing the Internet and the creation of new information products , events, links and groups.
  • To insert the hashtag you must use the " # " before the word or phrase , otherwise they will not be recognized as the tag will remain plain text commentary. This sign oktotorp , or grid , indicating the use of the hashtag and automatically recognized by search engines.
Hashtag as tools systematization and retrieval of information have been widely used around since 2009, first on Twitter, and then throughout the Internet. But by 2012, that is, in just three years, the popularity of the hashtag has become so great that the American linguists (and are experts in grammar and lexicography, history, language and literature, scholars and writers, professors and students) could not ignore this fact, and the word "hashtag" was officially declared word of the year according to the dialect of US society. Now, you do not doubt that to put tags in Instagrame not only prevent, but also help to find and use the information?

Insert and use hashtag.
It is no exaggeration to say that the use of Instagram hashtag makes a convenient and effective. Without hashtag it would be impossible to sort out all the enormous , constantly increasing wealth of information on topics of political messages separate from the cultural , delineate themes of fashion, music , social life, art and many, many others . Find other in Instagrame to take part in the competition, define their own membership in the subculture - all this is possible if you know exactly how to put hashtags :
How to put hashtags in Instagrame?
  1. For hashtag in Instagrame not provided for a special place or a field - they are put in the same place where the publication and / or comments to her. You can put a hashtag at the beginning , the end and / or in the middle of the text , to insert it in a phrase or a post on a new line , a separate paragraph ( # hashtag you can start a sentence , to continue its best hashtag # , and then make your point. And to add another # hashtag ) .
  2. To put hashtags in Instagrame can and author (in the descriptions and comments to their posts), and others (only in comments to other people's posts).
  3. Instagram to recognize the word as a tag , it is enough to put the first icon "#" (available on all standard keyboards ) , and then type the word - certainly no space between the " bars " and the first letter , otherwise they will not be linked ( # hashtag and not hashtag # ) .
  4. Hashtag multiple words separated by spaces, can not be - it will break up into separate words, the first of which, combined with oktotorpom will be tagged, and the rest - just words (# hashtag and simple words)
  5. To make hashtag in Instagrame consisting of phrases, you need to type all the words without spaces or to connect them by replacing the spaces between the words with an underscore (tselyyheshtegizpyatislov #, # tselyy_heshteg_iz_pyati_slov).
  6. Be careful when inserting the complex and / or long tags in Instagrame : only one letter or symbol change tag . At first glance, you may not notice the difference , but the search for such a tag does not work, or rather , give very different results ( hashtag # and # hashtag ) .
  7. Hashtag Instagrame can be administered in Latin, Cyrillic , Arabic numerals. Punctuation is not recognized as part of the tag and break hashtag . Put a comma between the tags is not mandatory. To facilitate the visual perception of the long tag and highlight the part , you can use a different register , and when searching for tags it does not take into account the ( # and # hashtag hashtag - the same tag ) .
  8. Tags in Instagrame can be entered manually or paste from the clipboard , if you insert a particular hashtag for the first time . Appendix " remember " the new tags , and the next time you want to put the same tag is the name of your account, and enter the first letter of the word after the lattice , offer a choice of options for those who have already appeared in your listings .
    How to put hashtags in Instagrame?
  9. Memory function tags in Instagrame facilitates not only the publication of photos and video , but also find among others publications. Moreover - if in a foreign records you click on the tag , and view the entries labeled them the next time , he will automatically be in your personal collection and tags will be proposed to insert among others.
  10. You can enter in Instagrame no more than 30 hashtag under one publication. If you put 31 tag , it will not publish any of them . But you can remove or edit the list of tags in the publication and replace some of them with others .
You can put any tags: old and new, seen somewhere or self-invented, it depends on your goals. For example, if you want to join the information campaign on the Internet to take part in the competition or in Instagrame find people with similar interests, use hashtags universal, adequate request. And for personal memoirs, notes and events come up with their own hashtags to mark their vacation photos, images of works of his art and other special publications. Subsequently, you will be easily found in Instagrame photos taken during the summer vacation in 2013, at the prom younger sister or son's birthday party.

What to put in Instagrame hashtags?
Once you get used to put hashtags in Instagrame to vote their advantages as a tool for interactive communication , the time comes to optimize the quantity and quality. Now that you can not only insert, but do use and edit tags , take adopt such features :
popular hashtagpopular hashtag
  1. Popularity hashtag in Instagrame - is the frequency of their use on the scale of all existing publications. The simpler the word and the more popular they described the concept - the more such hashtag put different users. Not hard to guess what the most popular Instagram tags are written in Latin and denotes all phenomena : #love, #smile, #me, #follow, #like, #look, #food, #followme, #girl, #beauty, # style, #swag etc.
  2. Relevance tags in Instagrame showing their compliance with the theme of publication and indicate to whom and for what reason it might be interesting. For example, if you download a photograph taken during a lunch break , when you looked into the cafe for a cup of coffee, it would be logical to provide it with such hashtag : #coffee, #lunch, #coffeebreak #cappuccino #tasty #relax #like #drink, photos from fitting clothing store : #shopping #selfie #me #fashion #style #dress etc.
  3. Trend hashtags in Instagrame become popular for some time during the holidays , significant events , concerts of stars , etc. Trend , that is temporary, it can be considered like tags #halloween #christmas #newywar # year2015 #fashionweek etc. The scale of the spread trending hashtag can cover the whole world , or limited to just one country, city or even a group of friends .
  4. Brand or advertising , hashtags are used for advertising campaigns . With their help producers mark their image of new products , organize contests, raffles among users of social networks , or simply provide information support . As advertising can act hashtag # torgovaya_marka , # slogan # devizkonkursa etc. words and expressions .
  5. Creative hashtags in Instagrame occur , usually in a single copy , or if repeated, one person in publications and / or friends . This fun little words and phrases often deliberately wrong and comic reflecting the mood , the attitude towards photography and the character of its author: aplatenichotak # , # beznihvsyazhiznravnanulyu , vasnesprosili # , # glazaboyatsyarukipostyat , devochkitakiedevochki # , # kupalniknavygule etc.
Now you decide what to put in Instagrame hashtags , and set it at all . But we advise you not to give up technically possible and reasonable use of their advantages. Putting tags in Instagrame definitely worth it, but at the same time adhere to common sense and not to insert tags for their number of subscribers and cheat and choose the logical, interesting and relevant markers to find friends , information , photos and videos to Instagrame . Good luck and lots of fun !