How to put long bangs?

Bang - this is an amazing element of hairstyles that can be converted at one time all the way and make it new and fresh . Long and short , smooth and asymmetric , straight and milled - bang makes women looks easy , graceful and carefree . This is especially true with respect to the approval of a light and airy fringe , the length of which can reach the level of the lower jaw , and even fall below it. They play an important role in shaping the image of women , " fluttering " in life, but actually require a lot of attention with her hand.

The apparent negligence bangs achieved daily effort and the time that it holds the owner of the mirror with a hairbrush and styling products in their hands - it's true. As well as the fact that all these efforts are its result. Care bangs and laying do take some time, but it is not a reason to abandon this spectacular part haircuts. All the more so if you want it is not difficult to learn a few basic techniques that are suitable for your particular form of bangs, and apply
them to your liking. And then even the long and unruly bangs will bring only pleasure and no problem!

Rules laying long bangs
Bangs is long in two cases: if it is provided a model haircut and if it simply grew back , but you can not choose the time to enroll in a hairdressing salon. But if any of these layouts , you can put a long bangs that of a nuisance it becomes a pride of his mistress . To this must be met several conditions , as a result of laying a bang - comply with the following criteria:
  • bangs must be neat;
  • fringe should be stylish;
  • fringe should not get into the eyes (mouth / nose, under clothing);
  • fringe should comply dress code;
  • fringe should reflect the mood of its owner.
In this case it is advisable to care for locks did not take too much time and does not require sophisticated tools and cosmetics. Say, is not feasible ? You are wrong ! Modern stylists in one voice say , that these requests are not only argued , but also quite feasible . And all you need to do :
  • hairbrush, a comb with long teeth;
  • broad-brush massage comb;
  • hair mousse;
  • hairspray;
  • wax for hair or a special paste;
  • hairpins, invisible, clamps and accessories on request.
Application Method long bangs
  1. Fill the ear- Basic instinctive movement that we make when the hair and prevent falling on his face. But, if you try to make it a versatile and affordable way to stacking. To this end, before leaving the house, dry comb the bangs, put on all its length a small amount of foam laying and comb comb. Carefully lay the bangs behind her ear (left or right - depending on the shape of your hairstyle, like the face and just habit) and lock invisible beneath the hair. Reasonable, convenient and easy installation is ready! No one could blame you any unnecessary frills, no careless attitude to hair.
  2. Stab decorative clipinstead of invisibility - a great way to make a fringe part of the overall stylish ensemble. Best of all , this method works in conjunction with summer dresses and sundresses , if you find a clip in the form of a suitable coloring and shape of a flower . This styling solve two problems simultaneously : the comfort and decoration. Try to place the side of the hairpin forehead , but do not push it far behind the ear to not get unwanted side effects spolzshey cap or bonnet barmaid .
  3. Brushed backlong bangs with the main long hair - a good way of stacking, which is necessary to take care of in advance, while washing the hair. After rinsing gently blot them with a towel and apply a stacking mousse over the entire length , without excluding fringe. Hands spread evenly throughout the mass of hair , gently comb comb and blow dry , wide or round brush and steered back from the forehead to the nape . After drying, fix the whole styling lacquer , paying particular attention to bang .
  4. Collect in the tailYou can bang enough regrown, the length of which allows you to hold it with a rubber band. Such styling can be used on the following day after the application of the prior art or by itself, when the hair looking fresh enough to keep them flowing. Anyway, you will need as carefully as possible to comb through the entire mass of hair from root to tip, while directing them back and up. Then, to gather in a ponytail at the back and tie a wide elastic band. Best of all, this method is implemented with a bang with a smooth edge and shaped bangs can during the day stand out from the gum individual strands.
  5. Braid in the plait side- To make the actual " French " stacking. Start from the base of bangs , grabbing the small strands of the main long hair and braid plait over his forehead , on the principle of " spikelets " . It can be placed above or below , thus giving the opportunity to adjust the shape of the face : open it with a round face and slightly reduced when stretched . If at first you will not carefully , apply a little wax on his fingers , he strands stick together and not give them raspushivatsya in your hands and stand out from the spit.
  6. Braid two braidsabove the ears , each of which weave exactly half bangs. The advantage of this installation - in its symmetry and fashion relevance. Ethnic style currently reigns on all the catwalks , so you will find yourself on the wave of a hot trend. But just in case , if you can make a perfectly smooth parting and plaits - low and not very tight . Tighten the pigtails make you look like Pippi Longstocking , while the goal - get closer to the image of stylish peasant .
  7. Make two ancient harness, Thin and elegant . Starting forehead , they should go on both sides of the temples and back of neck stapled invisible , a small rubber band or a hairpin - crab . It is a very romantic image , in conjunction with the relevant flowing dresses and light tan. To put it very simply , and the effect exceeds all expectations for several thousand years , from the time of the beautiful Aphrodite.
  8. Push the rim tape or- Method, also suggested by the ancient goddesses. Only today's beauty can afford a lot more variety of hair accessories. And this is all that is needed for this installation. Securely fixed , bangs are not beaten out and falls over his forehead . In addition to practical convenience, you can easily get a feminine and sophisticated appearance, relevant in any season and with almost any clothing.
  9. Make cold waveWhich again became incredibly popular after the release of a Hollywood adaptation of Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby." You will need a strong hold mousse. Apply it on the part of the hair which is to be laid. Comb crested and smooth comb. Use your fingers to mark the bending direction of future wave and fix these places invisible. Make sure that no one strand and / or individual hair is not distracting from the overall trend. After all the hair wave subside, fix their position with varnish, and wait until it is completely dry. Then gently remove the invisible, without damaging the silhouette of a wave. Additionally, you can decorate the hair and make-themed accessories such packing to a suitable style clothes. Vintage images and style of "Century of Jazz" goes out of fashion long ago, so these skills and buy certainly be useful to you in the next season.
  10. Screw on curling.Another Hollywood borrowing, but modern. Timeless classic femininity and luxury, allowing many options for its implementation. At its simplest, you can make part of the main long bangs hairstyles, and screwed her large curls along with the rest of the head of hair. Depending on the length of the bangs, you can try to twist it apart in a direction opposite the main tresses. Instead, try the curling iron is heating surfaces with narrow: then curls turn out larger and more natural form.
  11. Comblong bangs style glam -rock - a bold and very classy move. But consider what's hot is not the Iroquois and rounded volume fleece, aimed slightly to one side . To do this, clean and completely dry the hair uniformly treat a small amount of foam and laying nacheshite comb from the roots . Place comb the bangs back from his forehead , and secure over the back of his head invisible and / or decorative clasp of your choice . As a finishing touch , and laid a solid fixation sprinkle fringe finish.
  12. Leave freebangs can be quite rare , which does not interfere with vision. It is not appropriate in every situation , but on a summer outing at the beach or during another "lazy " and it is this laid-back holiday styling will allow you to relax and tune in to the holiday mood . Splayed long bangs can be impregnated with a special gel for hair, to create a " wet" effect. This option disbanded long bangs looks good with skinny jeans and T-shirts on one shoulder - to put it simply , in the framework of the style " punk chic ."
  13. Croplong bangs is never too late . We are not accidentally left the item finally and symbolically numbered its thirteenth . Mowing with a short and / or structured bangs , as a fallback , it can always be made ​​on the basis of longer hair and long bangs. So do not rush to get rid of regrown strands , first to fully enjoy their negligence and opportunities in the packing . And only when the long bangs really tired , she can give a more concise form .
In addition to styling, long bangs lends itself to many other methods of design and decor. In particular, it can be painted in entirely different from the primary color hue of hair or highlight it in a separate strand of contrast. Long bangs allows a variety of weaving and waving, which only tells you fantasy. In itself, it is an element of free, even more rebellious style, so allows free interpretation of many other fashion trends. Perhaps that is why long bangs at all times grew their creative personality is prone to creative and artistic search.

The modern cosmetic industry offers a huge selection of funds for maintenance, installation and design of long bangs. This is all kinds of permanent and temporary paint, toothpaste and mascara to hair strands and false dreadlocks, intended for introduction into the fringe. With regard to maintenance, the longest fringe in this respect not very different from the rest of the long hair of the head. In order to make it look healthy and neat, clipped time split ends, treat them after washing with special oils and fluids, do not abuse hot styling instruments. And remember that your long bangs, like the whole hairstyle and image as a whole - is a spectacular tool of expression, showing others your bright personality and original view of the world.