How to carry tight shoes?

That's how a woman! If the shoes a little tight , but I really want to see them on their own feet , imagination begins to look for ways out of the situation without loss. During fitting it seems just a little swollen or tired feet, and if you change to a thin tights , shoes sit like a glove . The inner voice whispers that it is normal when a new pair of shoes too tight . And there is no force that could drown out the voice of desire. Especially as only a right, a little spread tight shoes .

The problem, when the new shoes is a little smaller than required, faced by most women.
How to carry tight shoes
If you fall or winter you have purchased shoes for the summer , so you can take your time and break in a couple of stages. Do not remove the shoes or sandals far, and at every opportunity, try for 15-20 minutes to put on them . And no matter what you do in this case - peeling potatoes , watching TV , or just walk around the house.

First , you can restrict raznashivanie 5-7 minutes. Just wear shoes and walk aroun
d the house to see what specific areas most felt discomfort from pressure . Subsequent raznashivaniyah these places in shoes abundantly treated with a special spray. The different sprays are used to make the skin softer - in that it is better able to stretch. Each time shoes should become freer and discomfort - less .

Also, do not hurry , and the winter break in shoes bought long before the season. Warm boots and ankle boots are processed by means of stretching and winter shoes for half an hour on foot shoes . Starting from the second raznashivaniya can wear extra socks . First - tonic , cotton , then denser and finally - thick wool . Because all depends how much you need to carry shoes.

If time is running out
It often happens that the shoes designed for the upcoming holiday, purchased only the day before. And if suddenly it turns out that the couple is too small, there is a need to quickly deliver close obuv.Odnako, then have to wear shoes at least a half frequency. Before you put on shoes couple, treat it with spray. If no special means can use vodka or dilute alcohol in a proportion of 50 g alcohol 50 g water. But sometimes used for this purpose vinegar or cologne should be used with caution. If you need to put on this pair in a day or two, the smell can not erode. Once treated Shoes reviled within the specified time, it can be removed again handle and tightly fill the sock tightly crumpled paper. Instead of paper you can use lightly sprinkle with the same spray (vodka, alcohol) cotton, which must be very tight to fill in the shoes. If done correctly, the next day you can go into those shoes out, and they'll be great to sit on the legs.

In addition to handling the shoe spray to make the skin more elastic and help warming problem areas usual hairdryer.

Unfortunately, self-distribute winter shoes for 1-2 days will not succeed. In this case it is better to address in a specialized workshop. To start with an interest, whether equipped with a special workshop equipment and tools for stretching of shoes, and only then go for services. But not always, and there you will be able to help. Not everything depends on the professionalism of the master. Sometimes the quality of the skin (or other material) and especially in the production process of shoes efforts to reduce stretch no shoes on and do not bring the desired results.

Better - shoe size
And in general a good idea to take it a rule to buy shoes strictly in size. If you too often have to break in your own shoes, which are closely, you harm the health and beauty of your legs. Tight shoes violates not only the blood circulation in the foot, but also deforms the joints. Over time, this results in aching joints in the area, forming a stack. In addition, it often appears and cosmetic defect - so-called "protruding bones." In this case, the toes are beginning to converge with the rest of your fingers, and lower joints begin to bulge outward. This is not only ugly, but also gives the feeling of discomfort, and sometimes strong "shooting" pain.