How to choose the right shoes?

Walking barefoot nice and helpful. But everybody understands that to do it in a modern city possible. And it's not in the culture , and hard surfaces , low temperatures and harmful to the human environment . So the shoes at this point should be seen as a necessary evil that is necessary to preserve our health. But that is not enough , we still want the shoes were a functional and beautiful. How to choose the right model in the sea of options that offers us the market?


Purpose Shoes
To get started is to decide why you need a particular pair of shoes . The entire range is divided into walking , casual , sports and working models . Furthermore, there is also a footwear model . It is meant for evening outs and official receptions , which suggests brevity socks. By the way, these models do not choose those who have flat feet , swelling , or other changes in the foot.

Kindly try
Purchased shoes, boots or shoes is required to measure. During fitting new shoes need to stand on two feet like a little and very fitting
better to plan for the end of the day. At this time, feet slightly swollen and the size of the foot increases. So that evening, bought shoes will always fit. By the way, summer sandals or shoes need to try to thin socks (stockings, tights), and winter boots - in the thick. In addition, almost all people have one foot larger than the other number and you must choose the size of a pair of leg larger. Yes, and it is hoped that eventually spreads and shoes will be more, because the stretch can only shoes made of natural materials and only in cross-section. To new shoes always feel comfortable, you need to from the longest toe to the inner wall of the shoe was not less than a centimeter. But that does not mean you have to buy too loose shoes or shoes. This error may result in very unpleasant consequences: blisters, abrasions, curvature of the fingers and a violation of the blood supply in the legs.

Sizes and styles
When selecting suitable footwear should be remembered , and that bought a pair of size depends on the style . The thing is that the shoes will be different in many ways to sit on the leg , and then a model with a narrow nose need to buy a larger size than those with a rounded toe . And the evening shoes should not be tailgating . Oriented, naturally, should be its size, but the sizes and models from different manufacturers may vary , so fitting in any event obligatory.

Specific features
Appointment, style and size of shoes, of course, are of great importance for the convenience of shoes, boots or shoes. But it is necessary to pay attention to the peculiarities of his foot. For example, if you have stagnant changes that are expressed in its deformation (protruding bones, flat), the model or narrow shoes you contraindicated. What matters is also the fullness, height, swelling and other factors that you can not change. Shoes should be convenient and comfortable for you to wear it for several hours. So its shape and internal dimensions must fully comply with the size and shape of the foot.