How to choose an eyebrow pencil?

If the eyes - a mirror of the soul, the eyebrows - his frame. And this "baguette" in many respects depends, whether they want to look around in the mirror itself. Experienced makeup artists do not get tired of repeating that the shape, color - in general, appearance - eyebrows by 80% depends on the look and 50% of all facial expression. Does not that such indicators rather impressive by its size, to take a closer look to their own eyebrows and possibly modify / correct them. All the more so when it comes to taking care of their own beauty, you can not be lazy and give up possible improvements. Who knows, maybe this is the bar, which you so lacking in the path to perfection?

Modern women are not particularly limited in the media, allowing "make a face." Depending on the type of appearance, age and taste of their own, they allow both to emphasize the natural beauty almost imperceptibly, and transformed beyond recognition. But, as often happens, the wider the choice, the harder it is to do. Among the vast ran
ge of color cosmetics arsenal for eyebrows alone can fill more than one volume makeup and dressing table. Only whether to clutter your living space and to take as much valuable time many beautiful, high-quality, but may not have these necessary funds? Shadow, waxes, eyeliner and eyebrow markers - whether they are in such numbers and variety? In fact, to create a beautiful shape and color of the eyebrows is possible to do a pencil. If you choose correctly.

Makeup for eyebrows: the range and choice
Before you choose a particular shade of eyebrow pencil, let us still will understand why it is still a pencil instead of other means should be in our beautician and daily Toolkit to restore beauty? After all, in shop windows, advertisements in glossy magazines and tempting videos supermodels starring them so much: paint, ink, markers, shadow and eyebrow waxes. And fashion stylists in their master classes and workshops regularly talk about this or that new product that is sure to want to try for yourself. How not to get lost and make the right choice among so many choices. Correct - it means one that will not disappoint and will allow to look really good, natural and stylish.

Start with a small review to clarify a little confusion in a variety of assets and the appointment of care eyebrows. All of them are designed to form the contour of eyebrows and give them color, so apply after the correction of eyebrows with tweezers, scissors, thread and / or other techniques familiar to you. Neat and shaped eyebrows not allow myself to worry about in the mornings and on weekends, but the release of "live", a job or other public events decor eyebrows, like make-up as a whole, should be given extra attention. After an eyebrow thinned, built its configuration and direction, and the hairs are shortened to the desired length, comes the time to use one of these decorative resources:
  1. Permanent inkIt has its own characteristics. First of all, it is its durability and long-term preservation effect. On the one hand, it is very convenient when you go for a few days on vacation, where just do not want to mess decorative cosmetics, but prefer to look bright and expressive. In this case, together with the eyebrows and eyelashes are often painted to not carry a mascara for them. Permanent ink is not washed off by bathing in the sea and in the soul, is not erased by careless touch and stays on your face all day and night, at least for a week. The exact timing depends on the skin type, thickness of hair and hormonal levels. On the other hand, if applied carelessly frozen permanent paint gives shape eyebrows unsuccessfully, to get rid of which will be no earlier than wash off the paint itself. At the same time, it can stain the skin around the eyebrows, that too often looks messy and visually expands the eyebrow. Alternative - Henna for coloring eyebrows. She kept even longer than the paint from the tube and at the same time caring for the eyebrows. But to choose the right shades by mixing of several powders only by professional and experienced enough to work with eyebrows makeup artist.
    cosmetics for eyebrowscosmetics for eyebrows
  2. Eyebrow WaxIt appeared in the cosmetic market relatively recently, but quickly won admirers. Outside, the packaging is very similar bottle teshi eyelash: the same elongated and with a long brush attached to the cap. But, unlike the carcass wax has a different, more dense texture and elastic, it is a little glossy and sufficiently dense. The wax is applied with a built-in applicator and / or shaded more rigid brush from your personal collection. But make no mistake, that may well shade the wax to a natural look. The second purpose of the wax eyebrow after staining - fixing hair, so it quickly hardens and creates the effect of sufficiently powerful, prominent eyebrows. The majority of manufacturers produce wax eyebrows two, maximum three shades, among which can be difficult to choose the right.
  3. Shadow eyebrowsusually manufactured in twin boxes containing two close hue. This is necessary because guess the color of shadows is not easy, even though they are as close as possible to the natural colors. The main advantage of the shadows - is the ability to mix and shade to the desired state from applying to the intense light haze. That is why the shadow eyebrows are in the working set of each make-up and do not go from the pages of women's forums. But there are also a disadvantage - it is instability and the ability to crumble. Therefore, the shade often used not by themselves, but only together and / or after the other, more stable colorants makeup. To apply shadows need a brush - it often comes in a set with them, but it is better to replace it with a better, purchased separately.
  4. Marker / eyeliner- A very specific version of makeup for eyebrows, created as an alternative to permanent ink, but with the aim to accelerate and facilitate the application of s. The result is a product that really has a high resistance - but not enough to paint her eyebrows for a few days. As a rule, eyeliner eyebrows withstand several diving and beach games, and then washed off at the end of the day means for a two-phase make-up remover. Marker eyebrow impossible shade, it leaves a clear and therefore unnatural-looking line that resembles tattoo. That is why the liner and eyebrows have become so popular and in demand as other means of decorative cosmetics for the area.
  5. Pencil- Actually, the "hero of the occasion," for which this article is written. For all its advantages and disadvantages has been and remains the optimal ratio "pros" and "cons". Most pencils do not differ resistance and are easily erased if inadvertently hold hand over his face, the collar of their clothing, headgear. The less hair in your eyebrows - the worse it would hold a pencil, because on the bare skin of its pigment is not just for that "catch". But no other means has such a range of colors and features. And, yes, among these features and ease of removal that is much important if there is no need for lengthy and too intense makeup. When applying the pencil can easily adjust the strength of pressing, line thickness and the degree of shading. All these qualities make eyebrow pencils and indispensable in the case of makeup artists and beauticians of ordinary women. But if professional among the many pencils can always find a suitable sample shade, choosing cosmetics for personal use to the selection of eyebrow pencil have come more carefully.
Selection of eyebrow pencil: color and other parameters
When any new cosmetics, including eyebrow pencil, you need to navigate to several characteristics: both your appearance and the cosmetic product. Best of all, if the first encounter with the means to happen under the leadership of make-up artist or colorist, who efficiently and explain in detail and reveal the features of the product. Especially if it happens after changing your image in which you change the color of hair, made a new haircut and / or started a new style your hair, unusual, way. In this case, the new cosmetics should be consistent with the chosen style, keep it and do not join with him in dissonance. But you can try to choose the means of its own, preliminary well having studied himself in the mirror and be clear what effect you want to achieve through the acquisition. So, what to look for when choosing the eyebrow pencil:
colored pencils for eyebrowscolored pencils for eyebrows
  1. Color.First of all it is necessary to take into account the so-called tsvetotip who got every woman from birth. To make it easier to navigate in this rather complex palette, take into account mainly hair color - and better "home" and not obtained by staining. The lighter your hair is naturally, the lighter should be an eyebrow pencil. Blondes suit light gray and sand-colored, brown - more intense, but not too dark. Brunettes can afford the most saturated colors, but it is literally black and blue-black still best avoided, replacing it with more calm dark-chocolate or dark gray.
    An important feature of eyebrow pencil, which distinguishes it from eyeliner and can replace one another - it's color temperature. Warm shades of pencils suit unless the girls, by nature endowed with reddish hues feature: owners of chestnut, fire, golden hair. All the rest is not worth the risk and use brown crayons and all their shades, or eyebrows, outlined in this color will look on your face and it is alien reddishness be evident. This is due to the fact that almost no human face is present and a red brown color, and even most freckles are ashy color from beige to. Here in this range of colors and should be based on your choice of eyebrow pencil.
  2. Hardness- A very important parameter for every stick, and for eyebrow pencil - even more so. Because it consists of small eyebrow hairs, and the right makeup eyebrow should follow the natural ways and imitate this structure. And to achieve such an effect is possible only with solid, finely sharpened pencil lead. Soft, oily pencil drawing broad band and with it is simply impossible to draw a thin line, and especially a lot of small strokes thick hairs. On the other hand, a soft pencil just does not get sharpened so thin. Do not worry that the high degree of hardness of the lead will not allow you to achieve the desired color intensity. When drawing the eyebrows is just not necessary - much more useful and effective to achieve the effect of natural growth of hair, just to finish additional afar indistinguishable from the real thing.
    Do not forget that, the thinner and more you hone lead pencil, the faster it is consumed. In the case of a solid slate these costs even slightly minimized. But at the same time, do not try to save specially eyebrow pencil and abandon its sharpening. Miser pays twice, and in this case, your payback will be thick, visible and rough lines that spoil the whole effect of the use of a pencil. If you want to save money - better to use a pencil for eyebrows rarely, for example, not every day, but always subtly sharpen it before use - this is the law of quality makeup. After that implements only the tip of the lead, causing light line, without pressure, between the hairs in the direction of their growth, in any case, not breaking it. Only in this way will achieve the effect of well-kept and are indistinguishable from natural eyebrows.
    brands of pencilsbrands of pencils
  3. The brand manufacturer.This is a controversial argument as to which so far there is no consensus among buyers - both professionals and amateurs makeup. The fact is that the vast majority of cosmetic make-up artists working with proven brands they trust and do not change for others. This can be caused solely by habit or financial considerations - does not matter. In principle, only that a worker is likely to advise you to buy a pencil the same one favored them firm. And perhaps you'll agree, especially if the color line will shade that will suit you perfectly. But you do not even know that similar color pencils, quality and properties of produce and other companies, the price of which can be much more beneficial to you personally.
    The truth is that today the world does not work too many factories for the production of cosmetic pencils - several times less than the brand names under which they go on sale. These production facilities are located mainly in the Asian region, and fashion companies have placed orders for the same lines where different brands just assign a different engraving on the surface of the pencil shirt and pack them in different boxes. Simply put, under different names and price tags in stores, we see absolutely identical pencils, but did not even know it, blinded by marketing tricks suppliers. The conclusion here is simple: choose cosmetic products not only prestigious, beautifully packaged and advertised, and those that are suitable for you personally. And do not refuse to try new pencils, even if the foods you are comfortable with - suddenly the new will be even better?
  4. The length of a pencilEyebrow directly related to its form factor, that is of the structure in which it is made. Such structures, there are two: a standard pencil of slate enclosed in a wooden shirt, and a mechanical pencil, which is a soft pencil inside the plastic case and unscrewed when scrolling. You should know that the first form of economical, but requires regular undermining. The second form was invented much later and played on the reluctance of customers to tinker with sharpener and pencils to tolerate failure. Mechanical pencil sharpened always when the tip was erased, you just push a further cut to the desired length and continue to use cosmetics.
    Each form their costs. In particular, the traditional pencils are always a little firmer and drier mechanical, as we have seen, eyebrow fits much better. Due to the fact that the mechanical pencil is not in need of grinding, it is not so sharp as wood, leaves a wider line and noticeable. You can resort to cunning and from time to time to put a pencil in the fridge - solidify his lead solidifies and draws firmer. The same device can be used with traditional pencil. Visually, they look shorter than its mechanical "competitors", but in practice are more efficient and last longer. What is the length and design to choose - depending on your personal preferences and considerations of expediency.
    pencils with cappencils with cap
  5. Capeyebrow pencil - is what first catches the eye and distinguishes it from other type of pencil crayons on display. It not only fulfills its direct function of protecting the lead from damage, but also has at the end of a special brush. Outwardly, this looks like a brief brush comb consisting of many small and tightly fitted to each other villi. They are intended for shading pencil line and make it a more natural look. This is a common mistake made by many women who use the brush in this way, and thus inevitably violate the right line drawn eyebrows. In fact, more efficient to use the brush on the cap of the pencil on the opposite purpose: to wipe it unnecessary, accidentally put the finishing touches. With this task, it handles almost perfect and completely removes excess pigment from the skin pencil.
    The second additional attribute pencil cap, which is provided with its not all manufacturers - a pencil sharpener. Small and narrow, it saves space in the purse and not lost because reliably associated with a pencil. This sharpener has every right to exist as long as its blade is sharp enough to finely sharpened pencil or chop it. With it, you can be sure that at any moment can sharpen blunt or broken pencil and continue applying makeup. But often such free sharpeners are made of very cheap and low-quality metal and only spoil the pencil. Therefore, every time check what you got sharpener and use it only if it corresponds to the desired effect. Focuses on the pencil sharpener when buying it is not necessary, because surely you already have a site, a proven and reliable pencil sharpener other.
These are the main recommendations when choosing eyebrow pencil. They are useful and applicable to both professionals and anyone who wants to have a well-groomed and neat eyebrows. Is that the owners of gray and very light eyebrows should be careful and pre-paint eyebrows permanent paint to pencil strokes did not look at them too much contrast and unnatural. All other properly selected eyebrow pencil will not only get the desired shape and expression, but also to mask small flaws, to finish the missing hair and a long tail of the eyebrows. Importantly do not forget that the eyebrows on the face should look natural and blend in with all its features, so check the correctness of the choice of a pencil is better in daylight. If you consider all the advice and implement the exact makeup eyebrow, made with the help of the pencil, it is sure to please you and others will provoke a lot of compliments on your address.