How quickly curled hair?

Curly - straighten, direct - curl! And as soon as possible! And be careful! And that hair kept as long as possible! Familiar desires? They know every girl, regardless of color, length, hair texture, and location relative to its beauty salons at home. Because fantasy comes quickly curled hair, as a rule, a sudden and just before you leave home. In the best case - the night before an important event, when all hairdressers are closed and enroll to the master is not possible. That has to create their own color luxurious curls naughty or springs. Sometimes it depends on the tastes and desires, but most - of what happens. In order not to rely on chance, let us work together to learn quickly to curl hair into the style that we want.

Fast perm hair: the pros and cons
The first thing you need to pay attention to all those who firmly decided as soon as possible to become owner of the direct silk strands curly charmer, it is impossible to avoid thermal effects on the hair. To quickly curled hair, and after this proced
ure, they have kept their new form as though a long time, will have the effect of subjecting them to hot tools. And this, as you know, is not the best way affects any of their health. The very sacrifice in the name of beauty. And the consequences of this can and should do the following:
  1. To resort to a quick curl better only in case of emergency (who said that the mood and the new dress - not absolutely necessary?).
  2. Quickly curling hair should be as little as possible, not more than a pair of once a month, and even less is better.
  3. Between the extra wave of hair necessary to use drugs and medical masks, and during a wave - means overload.
But, by and large, no one way to curling can not be considered completely harmless. One way or another, with more or less speed and intensity, all of them from permanent "chemistry" to soft bobbins affect the protein structure of hair, causing it to change and to remain in an unnatural state for your body. Therefore, once the recovery plan the course of the hair after curling. And if a little thought will be that much haste can be avoided, give preference to the traditional rollers overnight or sleep with hair braided in pigtails. But if the case is really special and curl hair must be really fast, then mentally ask for their forgiveness, thank you for your patience and proceed to implement one of the methods outlined in the next section.

Methods quick wave of hair
And big curls, ringlets and fine - it is almost ready hairstyle. And the girls, endowed by nature straight hair, they also allow the feel and unusual tune in a special way. Surely no one but you most do not know what the shape and size of the curls are you more likely to emphasize the advantages and hide flaws is your appearance. Therefore, when choosing a method of hair curler fast, pay attention not only to the necessary and available means to implement it, but also the effect to which it leads. To perm, despite its speed and ease, it does not accidentally turned into a disappointment for you. And the rest choose in its sole discretion, all methods have repeatedly tried and professional stylists, and who likes to just try different images:
  1. Elektrobigudi.Different from plastic, which had to do our grandmothers, and wire and foam used by the mother, particularly the presence of special heating container. Curler placed in him and in just a couple of minutes, acquire the temperature you set themselves using the control buttons on the keyboard of the container. Well, the speed of further action and, accordingly, the rate is already waving depend only on your skill. Retain and reinforce the hair elektrobigudi easily design their specially provided so that you do not burn your fingers and did not suffer from other disadvantages. Usually, hair curlers complete different diameters that allows you to choose the most convenient for the different areas of the head and hair length. Temperature settings depend on the model of recruitment and their range is directly proportional to its price. And you pay, in fact, for the opportunity not to stand at the stove over a saucepan of boiling water and floating in her bobbins. Because the rest of the wrapping mechanism is not very different from all kinds of hair curlers.
    To further speed up the process suggested to wet hair, apply them mousse with a high degree of fixation, then place on the head elektrobigudi and quickly dry the hair dryer. After that, wait a few minutes to cool slightly curls had - then after removing the curlers they will retain its shape and will hold on longer. With regard to additional functions such as ionization of hair and the light sensors on the body of the container, they can be safely regarded as nothing more than a marketing ploy and not pay them much attention. The quality and duration of the wave are not influenced. The only thing that is important in the selection and application of elektrobigudi - is the diameter and ease of use. The first option considered in light of the features of his own hair. The second - with the construction of clamps and brackets. They need help, not hinder you during installation. And hold the hair curler without leaving creases and folds in the finished curls.
    How quickly curled hair?
  2. Curling.Fast, simple bad - these are the three words that characterize impressively perm hair with a curling iron. If none of them you do not mind, you can safely take advantage of this most popular hairdressing termoinstrumentom. For home use, you can buy a curling average diameter. Current models are more or less wide, can have multiple nozzles in the set, but the principle of action in all about one. Saturate a clean, damp hair styling mousse and spread it as evenly as possible over the entire length (if you want to get a hair from the roots of the hair), or since the mid-lengths and ends up (if you're "in Hollywood" twist only this area). Meanwhile, turn the curling iron and wait for it to heat. Separate one strand of the mass of hair and twist the spiral each in turn on the heating element. Depending on the direction of the strands, you will get some direction in curls from the face or the face. The narrower strand, the more clear it will lock out the wider - even more free.
    To speed up the process of curling strands can do quite broad, but at the same time keep the curling iron vertically. But do not just combing her hair curled, otherwise all your work will be lost, hair will quickly lose form and will have to spend more time on their trouble. It is better to let your hair a few minutes to cool completely on the hot tongs, and then gently whisk them with your fingers or gently shape the comb with long teeth and sparse. To end a wave and fixing hair styling sprinkle varnish, but keep the can at a sufficient distance to a large number of sticky liquid without weighing your curls and made them hang formless.
  3. Utyuzhok- It is one of the most popular to date and really fast tools for curling hair. It works very similar to the use of curling irons, as described in the preceding paragraph, but lets not keep at home a lot of different instruments, restricting one universal. In addition, the locks by using ironing, more natural - according to the latest trends. So, if you curl your hair no more than straighten, it makes sense to consider buying it ironing. Moreover, you should choose a model with a long and narrow heating elements and additional functions obtained through several different baits. But even without them, it turns out that hair should be - light, elastic, and most importantly do not require a lot of time to create.
    Best pre-wash or just to wet the hair and then, as in the previous case, they cause a mild fixing agent and distribute it uniformly. Each strand, which later should become a curl from the root or slightly below apply to one of the heating elements of the rectifier and a second press. Then, the movement of the hand holding the iron is, turn the device to lock wrapped around both compressed blades. Now, as you have done with a strip of paper on the lessons of labor in the primary school, slowly pull the strand between two planes ironing, not too tightly clutching them together, that hair could slide. At the end, before the strand is completely free, set it in the right direction: the person or from him. Do the same with all the hair. In the end, as usual - a pause for cooling and a small amount of fixing varnish. Curling is ready, and you have spent on it for about thirty minutes, no more.
  4. Hairdryer with diffuserIt is no longer as popular as five years ago, but still remains an effective tool for creating lush and slightly careless curls. Apply to damp hair, lightly-dried after washing and towel soaked stacker mousse with a small fixation index. Long "fingers" of the diffuser nozzle directed perpendicularly to the scalp, but not touching it. Place the hair dryer so, turn it on high power and minimum temperature and gently turn the swaying movements of the right and left. Gradually move to another part of the head, moving from the back of the head (where you want to create the maximum amount) to his temples. Yes, a bonus of this method can be considered as the creation of basal volume, which is not always possible to achieve with rollers or a curling iron. So if your head of hair lacks volume, try quickly curled hair that way.
    If you complete your dryer has not been nozzle-diffuser or she lost, it can be replaced by a comb. Suitable broad brush or a round brushing. But in this case it will be much wield hairdryer mene handy comb takes second hand and not allow the possibility of accurately distributing the hair into locks. If necessary skill in this installation you do not, ask for help a girlfriend or mother who can hold the hair dryer is included in your head as you move the brush. Upon completion of curling hair, run the fingers of both hands and carefully shake the resulting curls. Then lock them with varnish, and wait until it dries. If you have a choice, choose a balloon with the fine spray, because the strands curled with a hair dryer, obtained by thin and elastic, that is to weight them quite easily.
That's all available in the home is able to quickly curling hair. They are good when you are in a hurry, or when you just want to experiment with their own way, without spending a lot of time and effort. Each of these methods will create laying on your head mop of curls only until the next washing of the head, hairstyle and general resistance will depend on the quality of the used cosmetics. So if your reflection in the mirror, and a new hairstyle you like, you may not be amiss to think about creating a lasting effect with special salon procedures. But that's another topic and another process. Today, we wish you a beauty, good mood and pleasant evening in a new image curly nymphs!