How to walk in high heels?

How should you walk in high heels ? Easy . Beautifully . Confidently . In general, as one famous singer sang , " flying gait ." And nothing else. Slouching , looking at the floor , waving his arms , or worse , to move on bent legs - is impossible in any case . After all, high-heeled shoes - it's like a crown : if you put need to be a queen . This means : the chin is raised , look royally condescending , an enigmatic smile on his lips , his shoulders straightened , smooth and free movement .


High Heel separates us from the earth. When we were in high heels , we become light, airy , almost weightless . We soar above the ground. You do not have that feeling ? It must be. How to achieve this? There is a popular exercise , which helps if you do not become , then, in any case , feel lighter and sleeker . This so-called method of two ropes.

So, wear high-heeled shoes, stand up straight, taking the regal posture with straightened his shoulders and raised her chin. Now imagine that in the middle of your top tied a r
ope. Not just a rope, and strong rope that pulls you up, almost taking off the ground. Felt? Notice that the stomach was involved, too, as if the buttocks tightened, and if you become taller? So, all right. Remember this feeling. Save it in yourself. That it gives the feeling of lightness and floating above the ground when you move in high heels.

Now imagine that in the middle of your chest also tied a rope . Normal rope , strong rope is not necessary, because this line will not pick you up , just pull forward. The rope pulling , chest pushed forward , you begin to move. Legs alternately moved forward , carefully straightening in contact with the surface. Do not forget about the first rope that pulls you up . She - the most important thing in this exercise. After all, its purpose - to learn to walk on his heels easily , confidently , barely touching the ground .

What are the heels?
Firstly, they extend legs . Even Thumbelina , wearing high heels , feels at least the average model. And the girl of average height , adding to its one hundred and seventy centimeters twelve centimeters heel can easily discover that became the real star of the podium. And all those extra centimeters were added not just anywhere , but to the legs, which, of course , can not but rejoice . After a strong half of humanity has for long female legs unexplained science of weakness.

Second, give the girl, heels touching the apparent fragility and instability . She hesitates. In need of support in the form of a strong man's shoulder , which , at the sight of a girl , make sure there is somewhere nearby .

Third, high heels give some mystery gait . Perhaps this is due to the trajectory of the interesting parts of the body . Let's face it : first of all it refers to the buttocks . Recall of Marilyn Monroe , which is rumored to be specially wore shoes with heels , differing from each other by 1-2 centimeters to gait was even more seductive .

Tips for beginners.
Not at all easy to get to learn how to walk on his heels . If the habit once dvenadtsatisantimetrovy wear heels , then , indeed, you can feel insecure. You should begin with small . Five centimeters heel can conquer any woman . And then - on the rise.

How to walk in high heels?In the transition to new heights, you can benefit from the support. Of course, not crutches, there are more elegant options. For example, a trolley in a supermarket products. Experienced ladies, buying new shoes on high heels questionable sustainability do so: go to the big supermarket, take the truck out there and start training. Which is to gracefully move along the shelves with goods, if necessary, based on the handle of the trolley. By the end of shopping, they usually understand that already mastered new shoes and ready to even walk them more interesting place.

For this purpose, suitable , and buggy . If you do not have their own, asked for a walk with a friend who has a kid . And if all you Mom , do not forget to bring spare shoes comfortable . You never know what . Still, a walk with your child - Enterprise malopredskazuemy .

To summarize.
To your gait in high heels look nice, you should remember a few things:
  • Stay straight.
  • Be sure to straighten the end of the leg.
  • Toes should be pointing forward and move parallel to each other.
  • Reach up.
  • Movement should be smooth, without excessive impulsivity.
  • Hands quietly moving along the body, with a small amplitude.
  • Exercise.
  • Choose comfortable shoes with a stable block.
  • Learn basic movement of the stairs in heels.

Do not be afraid, do not think about the height of heels, pull up and keep in mind the image of pulling you into the sky rope.