How hurt the kidneys: the symptoms?

How often do you visit the doctor ? Once a year, on a planned medical examination ? Or when ill ? And in both cases, you are wrong . It is not right, and the majority of our fellow citizens with you , live on the principle of " self-help " . Expensive medicines, uncomfortable clinics , unwillingness to sit in queues - all this makes us ignore the experts and to determine how to hurt the kidneys , heart and stomach. And errors such " diagnosis " - also under their own responsibility . But is it a self-confident approach possible complications ?

Intrigue and subsequent self-self that the symptoms of many diseases are very similar. The layman is almost unable to correctly distinguish between signs of osteochondrosis and cholelithiasis. These and some other pathology, emerging in the area of ​​the waist, declare themselves acute back pain radiating to the abdomen. Thus the origin and causes of diseases are so different that of the consequences of improper treatment can only guess at with horror. Hurry with con
clusions easily appoint a treatment - too, and fight with the disease can be very difficult. Especially if it is time to go into the chronic form.

Once and for all eradicate the human tendency to self psevdodiagnostike almost impossible, but in this article we will try to give you at least basic information on how to distinguish between kidney disease from other disorders. This knowledge will be useful in order to choose the right doctor and do not waste time on reception at the urologist, if in fact you should run to the dermatologist.

Here the disease, the symptoms of which are similar to kidney disease:
  1. Cholelithiasis
  2. Cholecystitis
  3. Pancreatitis
  4. Osteochondrosis
  5. Appendagitis
  6. Neuralgia
  7. Shingles
As they say, feel the difference. The list we give only an example, and your case may be different. And the danger is just that difference, then you will not feel it. But you feel the pain in the back, just below the waist and even echoes in the stomach. Although to suspicion fell precisely on the kidney, these symptoms did not enough. Kidney signals issue fever and general weakness. Pain in the back with osteochondrosis may seem tolerable compared with fever and voiding with pyelonephritis.

Discomfort in the lower back may be caused by muscle tension, and even banal food poisoning. A sharp pain that occurs when walking, says more about the problems with the spine than the kidney. Inflammation appendicitis immediately declare itself a sharp pain that is difficult to endure. The disease manifests itself cartilage constant pulling painful feelings, amplifies during movement. As you can see, none of these cases, back pain does not have to the kidneys is not the slightest relationship. But the similarity of symptoms can confuse even the most scrupulous person.

How hurt kidney
All the complications mentioned above , include various organs and systems . " Prerogative " is the kidneys can be considered a fever , chills , nausea , frequent urination with a decrease in the amount of urine . Burning in the urinary channel , dark color of urine , swelling - these signs almost exactly indicate kidney.

Often, patients do not even know for sure where in their body are the kidneys. Their location is about imagine somewhere below the waist . Actually kidney mounted on either side of the spine, approximately - at the lower edges. The left kidney is always a little higher than the right . Wrong position of the kidneys may also be a sign of disease. But in any case , you will deliver an accurate diagnosis of the urologist or nephrologist . Do you feel at least mild symptoms of kidney disease - to make an appointment for these experts.

In addition to inspection and palpation, very likely the doctor will prescribe additional tests. It will be necessary to pass a urine sample, do ultrasound and / or CT scan of the kidneys. Ultrasound will show the possible pathology of allocation, including congenital and chronic. General biochemical analysis of urine tells about the composition, density, amount of rainfall and the presence of pathogens. Tomography reveals possible bias kidneys and foci of inflammation in them. Based on the results it will be delivered by a reliable diagnosis and correct treatment.

Kidney disease
Kidney disease is not always associated with hypothermia, though there is an exactly such an opinion. In fact, chill the kidneys not so easy, because they are deep enough and protected by other bodies, and a layer of subcutaneous fat. It is not necessary to check it in practice, but, according to doctors, you do not even chill the kidneys three hours naked in the cold. Of course, this still does not justify the low jeans and short jackets. But at the same time, it should be understood that the origin of the inflammatory processes in the kidney are several other reasons. Often this is the activation of chronic problems with the overall hypothermia.

Such pyelonephritis - the most common, but by no means the only problem of the kidneys.
  1. Nephroptosis (omission of the kidneys);
  2. Renal neoplasms (malignant and benign);
  3. Hydronephrosis (atrophy and expansion of tissue)
  4. Chronic renal failure (a generic term that should be concretized by the doctor).
These and some other diseases subject to successful treatment , if not to delay its start. Go to the doctor in time to not have to regret the lost time and lost health. Instead of amateur and arrogant treatment before the visit to a professional , you can own only alleviate some of the symptoms manifestation .

Pain relief kidney
Acute spasms removed for traditional medicines such slucheav : can take antispasmodic or analgesic. We are talking about tablets , do not try to make yourself an injection to relieve the pain! Once the symptoms subside sharp - immediately go to the doctor .

Soreness in pyelonephritis subside during rewarming waist . You can make a heating pad or briefly soak in the hot tub . When nephroptosis this does not help , but it will give a tangible relief bandage, supports kidney in the right place .

To mute the pain descended kidney, you can go on a firm, level surface and raise your legs straight up.

Intense exercise, weight lifting, sudden movements aggravate discomfort.

An important part of treatment and prevention - the right diet . Kidneys do not like too salty , spicy , rich smoked flavor enhancers for food. Instant coffee , any concentrates also contraindicated. Sports drinks also help alleviate the condition of patients with kidney disease. Especially good herbal teas , decoctions of wild rose and mint. They have a slight diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect . Well, the "heavy artillery" against the disease should be only in the hands of medical professionals .