How to deal with hair loss?

Hair loss - a natural process. One day a man's head disappears about 80 - 150 hairs, but we almost do not notice it. That's because to replace lost hair grow new ones, and this process is loss / regrowth repeated countless times. So do not be alarmed if the morning on the pillow you have found two or three fallen hair. Nothing terrible has happened, everything is fine with your health. But if you see that your hair is thinning rapidly day by day and the situation is gradually getting worse, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Or at least to start preventive treatment in the home.

Hair loss.
  1. Violations of hormonal levels.Hair in women may fall due to the fact that in the body there is a surplus of male sex hormones (testosterone). It usually happens during pregnancy or after the beginning of menopause. Call hormonal failure in the body can also be diabetes, kidney disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc. If you suspect that the hair falls out because of violations of hormonal balance, see your doctor. Take
    blood tests, if necessary, take the course of hormone replacement therapy. A few weeks later the problem is resolved.
  2. Lack of iron.Iron deficiency occurs in many men and women . The latter can provoke it as modern diets and disorders in the body during the critical days. Typical symptoms of iron deficiency anemia , a painful weakness, pale skin , drowsiness , poor performance , etc. To compensate for the lack of iron , change your diet. Try to eat more cabbage and fish , drink fresh vegetable and fruit juices in the morning and during the day. It is also useful to spend on drink a course of vitamins .
  3. Stress and overload the body.Nerve congestion - another common cause of hair loss in men and women. They are often accompanied by headaches, insomnia and irritability. To remedy the situation , try to learn how to eliminate stress and tension do not take on too much work.
  4. A side effect of certain medications.Sometimes hair loss provoked antibiotics , antidepressants and certain beta - blockers. In this case, you should consult with your doctor . You may be able to choose other drugs of similar impact , but without these side effects.
  5. Infectious diseases.Sometimes the hair starts to fall after people have been ill in any serious infectious disease . It is connected with lack of vitamins , and the weakening of the immune defense , and hormonal disorders . What should I do in this case? Strengthens the immune system , of course . Observe the mode of the day , spend more time in the fresh air , eat well . Gradually, the hair will stop falling out.
  6. Improper care.Hair loss occurs because of the improper care for the scalp . Perhaps you too often use perm , paints, hair dryers, and hair curlers, using low-quality shampoo. Too often ( or, conversely, too rare) wash your hair . The problem is easy to fix . Just pick up a good shampoo and / or hair conditioner , try to rarely use a hair dryer . Do not make the complicated laying more than 2 times a week.
Genetically caused by male pattern baldness
Not always the hair falls out because of the reasons listed above.

This process is genetically programmed . This means that completely avoid the hair loss will fail. You can only try to slow the alopecia , taking certain medications . Which ones? This you should ask an experienced physician - trihologa . Only he can properly diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.