To open the vial?

Attack head (tooth, stomach) pain. The drug has been invented by - ampoule analgesic syringe - and after 10 minutes to give meaning to life again. But when you try to remove a drug we can expect a nasty surprise, cooked native pharmaceutical companies - a vial is not so easy to open. A few minutes of desperate struggle, curses against the one who came up with all this, the crackle of breaking glass, antiseptic treatment of chopped limbs - and the road to a painless existence free. The situation is familiar to almost everyone. These unpleasant moments can be avoided if you know how to open the ampule.

The modern pharmaceutical industry offers several types of glass containers for injectables, which open in different ways.

History ampoule
It all started in the 19th century. According to historians differ with respect to the inventor of the ampoule. Some believe that the progenitor of the container became Russian A.V.Pel pharmacist. The Western experts give the palm to the Frenchman Stanislav Limousin. But the
fact is that in the 80s of the last century was invented a glass jar with a narrow elongated neck and a wide base for storing sterile drug. The name of the container comes from the Greek word "amphora" - container. Until now, domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers produce injectable form in ampoules, painfully reminiscent of the 130-year-old "old lady."

Glass ampoules without incisions
In order to successfully open the glass ampoule need armed with the knowledge to exert power and dexterity . Conscientious manufacturer shall complete package with the drug lancet or knife vials. In this case, the buyer was lucky , and the algorithm of existing standards :
  • shake the vial;
  • using a scarifier to file the neck of the ampoule by the optimal distance from the top;
  • wipe space-sawing alcohol;
  • wrap the neck with cotton or cloth and in the "on my own" break off the tip of the ampoule nadpilenny.
If you try to find a knife vials expect disappointment, the situation is more complicated.

Secondly, as an abrasive means for opening ampoules used a nail file, a pre-wiping it with alcohol.

Oh, and for those who are not looking for easy ways - the third , the most severe option - wrap container of medicine cherished wool and twist off the top of it , relying on chance. If the result of the effort , the glass shards do not get inside the container and not scattered all over the place - the first hurdle overcome. It remains open ampoule without spilling the blood of the future of medicine and patient. If this fails, you can consider yourself a virtuoso .

The glass vial with a notch
By European standards vials should have a color ring or break point . The glass in the place of fracture is much thinner , and open the ampoule with the point there is no difficulty . After processing the ampoule with an antiseptic , and armed with a cloth , it is necessary to put pressure on the incision and gently break off the neck of the vial - that's the whole algorithm .

The vial of the dry powder
Some medicaments are not stable in solution and produced as a powder. If you are the proud owner of the bottle with dry powder , the task of retrieving and opening his drugs can turn into a puzzle.

Firstly, the solvent is necessary . In most cases, it is water for injection, isotonic solution or the anesthetic solution. Sometimes manufacturers make it complete with the basic preparation . Otherwise, buy a separate solvent .

Secondly, the need syringe.

And the process:
  • the syringe need to dial the required volume of solvent (for specification, see the instructions of the drug);
  • with the vial to remove the cover (it is metal, it is cut with scissors or a knife, and plastic);
  • under the top cover to find the bottom, the rubber, which is not to forget to wipe with alcohol;
  • syringe needle pierced the rubber cap, introduce the solvent into the vial;
  • Shake the bottle to make sure that all of the drug solution;
  • dial the same solution syringe;
  • change the needle on a syringe with a new, sterile.
And treated for health!