How to clean a herring from the bones?

Herring is good in any way: pickled with spices and marinated in lemon juice, it is also used as an ingredient in many salads and seasoned steamed or baked with vegetables, perfectly fulfills the role of a main dish. Especially good burgers and pies of this fish; expertly prepared, they have great taste and are perfectly combined both with potatoes and other side dishes. In order to get a quality fillet salad, minced fish or paste, you must, first of all, to know how to separate the meat from the bones of herring.

So, if you plan to surprise home new appetizing dish of herring and you need to quickly separate the fish fillet, cook the following "tools":
  • thin and long kitchen knife with a sharp blade;
  • board for cutting fish (best to use plastic because it is easier to clean and will not absorb odors);
  • sheet of coarse food paper for easy cleaning herring (some women use for this newspaper, but it is better not to do so because the ink contains substances harmful to the body);
  • bowl fillets;
  • waste bag;
  • paper towels for drying fish and clean hands
Now you just need to gently because you are dealing with a sharp knife, and consistently perform the following steps:
  1. Place on a cutting board a sheet of paper.
  2. Slightly repel herring spine wooden rolling pin: so the meat will be easier to keep up with the bones.
  3. Separate the head with a knife at the gill slits, making sure to avoid damaging the gallbladder as bile rasteksheysya can give fish a bitter taste.
  4. Carefully make an incision along the abdomen . Remove the fish from the inside. If there are herring eggs or milk , and you plan to use them in the preparation of dishes , carefully separate them from the gut , rinse and place in a bowl ready to fillet .
  5. Cut and remove the waste tail.
  6. Separating the tip of the skin on one side of the top line of the carcass, pull it out, gradually releasing the fish from the skin.
  7. Rinse under running water herring, removing the black film on the inside.
  8. Cut the fins and remnants of the lower part of the abdomen.
  9. Through top-notch fillets separate from the spine on both sides.
  10. If a slice tenderloin tips were seen small stones, remove them with your fingers or pressing seeds to the board reverse side of the knife blade and pulling the strip loin in the opposite direction.
After cleaning the fillets from the bones can be cut into cubes for the salad or indulge in a meat grinder, depending on what dish you plan to prepare. Perhaps if you had never tried to separate fish fillets from the bones , the first time it will take about 20 minutes. With the acquisition of the skills you will spend on this activity much less time , surprising his household skills and culinary skills !