How to store Protargol?

Protargola called synthetic drug based on proteinate silver, which has antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory action. Simply put, Protargol consists of proteins that contain silver ions that inhibit the activity of bacteria and viruses. Prescribers usually in inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, conjunctivitis and ophthalmia. Displaying its use in the treatment of rhinitis, pharyngitis, cystitis. Protargol is a powder or a ready-made solution. Used Protargol inside, externally, locally. Since it is part of the silver has the ability to settle on the walls of the vial should be kept Protargol especially carefully.

How to store Protargol
Pharmacists sell Protargol in dark bottles in a tightly sealed container. Of course, you do not use a whole bottle at once , it is necessary to store the drug for some time . To do this, follow these storage rules :
  1. Choose storage protargola cool and dark place.
  2. We decided to cook the drug at home? Take the glass containers and glass spoon to stir the powder. In the
    iron and plastic containers to store the drug can not be . Dilute the drug in a glass bowl with boiled water only . Poured it into dark bottles with a tight lid . Use this product can only be thoroughly shake the vial .
  3. Dry powder is best stored in a closet, where the sun's rays do not penetrate.
What can damage protargola
Improper storage of the drug contributes to the fact that silver is located at the protargola ( and his medication in about 8 % ) , precipitates . The resulting crystals are dissolved in water , then the drug will not be useful for the treatment of patients. Even being in a warm place and accidentally hit on the bottle dark rays of the sun can harm protargola thoroughly .

How safe Protargol
In the instructions for use protargola often write that overdoses protargola not observed and the apparent sensitivity is considered a contraindication to the drug. As a side effect indicated a burning sensation , itching, headache, drowsiness , dizziness .

Excess silver can accumulate in internal organs. The man who took Protargol inside, can change color . It will take a grayish or bluish. Therefore, remove the vial protargola away to him could come across curious children . After all, this drug can be used only with the permission of the doctor.