How to weave Baubles of beads?

Rainbow hippies brought into the world a wonderful idea - to weave Baubles Bead . For beginners, the easiest option is to weave the machine , right Fenichka obtained smooth and beautiful . In addition, with this method of weaving on Fienka can be written on and a variety of patterns - drawing limited only by your imagination . If the word " machine " seems to you that something global , can breathe : a small machine can do with their hands . So, please be patient - begin to weave Baubles !

In order to weave Baubles of beads you will need:
  • beads;
  • elastic and strong common thread;
  • board (you can use an old book cover, or from any boxes);
  • a very thin needle with a small eye;
  • stationery knife or scissors.

    plaiting materials baubles beadsplaiting materials baubles beads

  1. Make cuts on cardboard at an equal distance from each other and the same depth. The optimal distance is 0.5-0.6 cm and a depth of 1 cm . Incision should be as much yarn you want to use . Important: The number of beads in a row is one less than the thread that you held out on the mach
    ine ! That is, the yarns 5 - 4 beads , and this width is slightly less than one centimeter .

    blank for machineblank for machine

  2. Tie a knot and place the thread in parallel incisions.

    stringing threadstringing thread

  3. Tie knots on both sides and pull the thread so that they were stretched as a string.

    all threads in the machineall threads in the machine

  4. Leftmost string tie a knot of other long thread.

    at tying threadat tying thread

  5. Now with a needle and thread through the eye of the stretched (because of this thread in the preceding paragraph, you tied the knot), type the required number of beads.

    stringing beads on needlestringing beads on needle

  6. Pass the needle under the thread taut.

    threading the needle threads on thethreading the needle threads on the

  7. Spread the beads so that each bead was between the two threads.

    distribution of beadsdistribution of beads

  8. Now lift your finger beads and thread the needle in all four of the already strained thread.

    reverse threadingreverse threading

  9. Tighten.

    first row readyfirst row ready

  10. Again, type beads on a string.

    stringing together a new seriesstringing together a new series

  11. Pass the needle under the thread and spread between beads.

    pulling needle under the threadpulling needle under the thread

  12. So continue to weave each new number.

    repetition of the procedurerepetition of the procedure

  13. You can alternate the colors as you like and not necessarily through the ranks, and, for example, in the form of patterns.

    alternating colorsalternating colors

  14. It looks like Fenichka eight rows.

    Baubles view of the eight seriesBaubles view of the eight series

  15. When your Fenichka reached the desired length, to tie the knot at the new thread - as in the beginning.

    tying the knot in the end of weavingtying the knot in the end of weaving

  16. Remove string from one side of the cardboard.

    remove thread from one side of the machineremove thread from one side of the machine

  17. Tie a double knot simple.

    fixing yarn double simple knotfixing yarn double simple knot

  18. Fenichka ready - now you can braid the ends of the remaining common thread in a pigtail.

    ready Fenichkaready Fenichka

First time to weave Baubles of beads will be very difficult - as for any small job, you need a lot of skill. In the process, you may also find that the plaiting is not for all the beads, even if it is a single package: some beads hole more, some less. Do not attempt to use the beads, which are still on the fence when the needle with a scratch crawls through the eye - when the time comes to let the needle back to strengthen a number, it can not just get into beads. And the rest of you do understand, as will be easier to weave. Of course, this will require plenty of time, but who knows, maybe you invented a method would be much easier to weave the machine.