How to weave Baubles of floss?

The classic way of weaving " friendship bracelets " - a weaving baubles of floss . For beginners, this is probably the easiest way to trial and error basis to feel that , with knowledge that later you can create incredible beauty of woven items . It is to weave floss , no big deal , but you need a lot of patience : Fenichka average width of one centimeter is woven at least one hour . And if such times you do not stop , you can start the process of creativity.

In order to weave Baubles of floss you will need:
  • 6 sewing thread;
  • scissors;
  • safety pin (if you are going to attach to the fabric Fenichka) or adhesive tape (if you're lagging on a solid surface).

    plaiting materials baublesplaiting materials baubles

  1. 6 Cut the thread so that the length of each is 120-140 cm, divide them by color and gently tie a knot.

    preparation of yarnspreparation of yarns

  2. Secure Fenichka via pin for assembly and separate the two leftmost thread - which begins with oblique braiding.

    binding threadsbinding threads

  3. The left green thread from left to right place on the right and pass into a loop.

    forming loopsforming loops

  4. All nodes must be must be double , because otherwise Fenichka twisted. Tie the second such unit : this is what you should get . After tightening the knot thread, which you fasten the second thread must remain right.

    delay loopsdelay loops

  5. Now the same thread and the same tie a double knot left yellow thread.

    go to the next threadgo to the next thread

  6. The same thread continue to braid a number, and when the loose thread end, take a new leftmost strand in the same way and tied the following series.

    closure of a number of loopsclosure of a number of loops

  7. For convenience the formation of nodules can fix freely hanging thread fingers, pulling them slightly.

    fixing yarn fingersfixing yarn fingers

  8. It looks like Fenichka eight rows.

    view Baubles with eight rowsview Baubles with eight rows

  9. So you doplelis Fenichka to the desired length.

    dopletennaya to length Fenichkadopletennaya to length Fenichka

  10. Separate the threads into three sections and braid are common pigtail. Braids at the end secure the knot and cut the remaining string so that you feel comfortable . Do the same on the other hand , after unleashing a locking unit .

    consolidation of the last rowconsolidation of the last row

  11. Your first Fenichka ready!

    ready Fenichkaready Fenichka

But what if such Fenichka seems too simple, and you want to quickly begin to weave Baubles of floss with patterns ? Since you have not " stuffed " hand , can vary oblique weave with " ticks" . You will need:
  • 6 or 8 thread floss (the number of threads depends on the width Baubles);
  • scissors;
  • electrical tape.

    plaiting materials Baublesplaiting materials Baubles

  1. Cut the thread to the same length (about 100 cm), tie a knot and secure it with duct tape.

    Preparation and fixing threadsPreparation and fixing threads

  2. Leftmost two subsequent thread tie yarns as well as in the first method of weaving.

    start weavingstart weaving

  3. Now go to the far-right thread . Node is the same as usual, except that in the mirror . Rightmost thread from right to left , place the left and under the left swipe it in the resulting loop . Tighten and make a double knot . In this case, the light string , which has the edge, after tightening knot remain left.

    formation of loops on the opposite sideformation of loops on the opposite side

  4. Likewise, the second thread tie a double knot.

    tying the second threadtying the second thread

  5. Two bright thread were you in the middle of the baubles.

    obvyazyvaenie secondary threadsobvyazyvaenie secondary threads

  6. Repeat the previous step, weave the second row.

    weave the second rowweave the second row

  7. So Fenichka looks in the future.

    several interwoven seriesseveral interwoven series

  8. When the desired length is reached, tie at the end of the pigtail Baubles.

    tying pigtails at the endtying pigtails at the end

  9. That's all the wisdom - Fenichka ready.

    ready Fenichkaready Fenichka

With the bias binding can weave a variety of Baubles, correctly using the interaction of colors with smooth gradient passing, motley, bright, monochrome color combinations ... truly endless. A classic Baubles who wove hippies, each color combination had its value, for example, yellow + blue - is the bright sun in the sky, and a combination of white and red mean free love. Form their combinations, and maybe they will become just as popular as spread color combinations, invented by hippies.