How do you know that down the stomach?

Pregnancy - important and joyful time in every woman's life, but also very exciting, especially if the first pregnancy. To see this, just look at any online forum where mums share with each other their impressions about the changes occurring in their body. Looking forward to the birth makes them sensitive to listen to any signals, and the lack of practical experience often hinders correctly interpret these signals. Especially a lot of issues causing the third trimester of pregnancy and all the processes associated with it. In particular, the debate flared up around such an important step as "lowering the belly."

So far, among the young and "seasoned" women giving birth there is no consensus on this phenomenon. Some expect it as a sure sign of the approaching birth, others do not think about it. The reasons for this rather ambiguous attitude, and chief among them is the fact that the stomach before birth lowers not all women. Even one and the same, waiting for the birth of their older and younger children c
an survive the sinking of the abdomen, but can do without it. In other words, the stomach is omitted, but not always. But in order to ensure your peace of mind, we offer instead of the forums to gather information from this article, in which we have tried to apply the known facts more fully.

When and why stomach drops
Most women who have the stomach before delivery still fell , agree on the fact that it occurred in the 38th week of pregnancy . Midwives generally agree with them , but are advised not to be categorical . The fact that the stomach may fall on another term. For example, in the past month or vice versa , just a couple of days before the birth . That is, if you have noticed such a " transformation " on his own body , it is not a reason to go urgently to the maternity ward . But to tell the leading pregnancy doctor about the changes , of course, necessary.

What happens in your body and what this kid is engaged in, that the stomach changes the position ? It is engaged in the direct " duties ", that is developing and growing. And over time, the fruit becomes heavier and descends gradually moving closer to the entrance of the pelvis and its upcoming " exit " out. All during your pregnancy he had to share space with your internal organs inevitably oppressed them . Hence the pressure on the lungs and stomach , periodic heartburn and little feet kicking in the liver.

But after the stomach , that is, the baby inside it will move lower, you will notice that it became much easier to breathe , passed many uncomfortable feelings ( if any) . However, to enjoy the new-found ease and freedom of action have not for a long time . Because, whatever it was , just the stomach down , sooner or later the child be asked to the outside world . And you should be prepared for his appearance , adopting lowering stomach for one of the main precursors of the approaching birth.

However, as has been said , it is not necessary to wait for it specifically lowering the abdomen and focus only on him. In some women, since as the stomach is situated below the usual level to start 3-4 weeks postpartum , and others - only a few hours . It also happens that the stomach is lowered just before birth or during labor directly . Just remember that every body is different , and not necessarily your behave just like your girlfriend , sister or mother in a similar position .

As drops belly before delivery
However, long-term observations of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the experience of women , allows you to make some generalizations. And if your stomach is destined to go down as well as in the vast majority of pregnant women in the third trimester (and in general the most likely period - from the 29th to 39th weeks) , you should receive an advance supply of information about how it looks and feels . Not to be mistaken and / or emotion not be confused with other symptoms .
  1. Chances are , one day you will feel that feeling somehow . Belly cease to put pressure on the chest , it becomes easier and harder at the top of the bottom . Breathe freely you start , but to go and sit will be heavier . Some women admit that they just physically felt that the baby's head is located in the area of ​​the pelvis.
  2. I'm sure you, like all women , every day looking at his reflection in the mirror. It is necessary to do it carefully, because it is often not so much to lower the stomach feels as seen with the naked eye. Someone recognizes that the changes observed in the morning in the mirror before shower. Someone reported observation mom or girlfriend . Attentive husband also immediately notice that the belly of the future mother of their baby down below.
  3. Stories about Lower abdomen is often accompanied by comments such as : "In the evening it was still , and the next day the belly down " or " got out of bed and literally picked belly with hands ! " . Summarizing these data , we can conclude that in most cases, changes occur during sleep , in the morning. So , be attentive to your well-being and appearance, it is early in the morning .
  4. Strong and active women may even miss it because calmly accept all the changes and consider them regularities during pregnancy. But if you prefer to keep everything under control and did not want to miss an important point, you can carry out special measurements of height of the abdomen. To do this, select the apartment any free wall or cabinet door jamb and mark the height on the surface, which is now your navel. Daily check with the marks and / or put new marking measurement dates. On them you will immediately notice if the new mark is necessary to put below. Sometimes the difference between the marks up to several centimeters, and then the error is virtually eliminated. You can even buy a colorful children's height meter and symbolically mark the start "growth" the baby before birth.
  5. Another assistant , literally , a method of determining descended belly - is put between him and hand -feeding . If earlier the chest literally lying on round tum , and now palm fits between them - the belly , no doubt , moved lower .
Unfortunately or fortunately, all these techniques - a conditional rituals in which expectant mothers entertain and comfort themselves. Rate with them the real state of the stomach and the intentions of its "inhabitants" may be only approximately because all people have different physiology. Some women carry the entire pregnancy with low-lying belly, but that did not fall, but even if not raised initially. Other body structure is such that a hand under the breast passes freely through all 9 months. And only fights can be considered a sign of approaching accurate delivery.