How to activate the points on the megaphone?

Bonus points from cellular operator Megafon credited to the subscriber's account for the use of communications services. The more you talk, you send SMS or use the packet data, the more bonuses you will be charged. For every 30 rubles spent is charged to 1 loyalty point. You do not need to connect anything. Each subscriber MegaFon automatically becomes a participant of the program accumulation of bonus points. Accumulated balls are valid for 12 months from the date of their receipt, and if by that date, they are not used, then debited automatically. Therefore, in order not to lose honestly earned, it is necessary to activate the points in time at MegaFon.


Earning balls for the previous period occurs from 1 to 10 of the current month.
* 115 * 2 # ✆

or send an SMS with the text to the number 5010 2.

The total amount of bonuses available can be found using:
* 115 * 0 # ✆

or send an SMS with the text 0 to the number 5010.

Accumulated points can be used for free calls within the network , SMS, MMS, Internet traffic
, as a gift to another user or network Megaphone to make purchases at online mobile phone stores . In the latter case the exchange rate is 2 bonus points = 1 ruble.

Activate power-ups can also be dialed in the phone team
* 115 # ✆

and selecting the "Available bonuses» USSD-portal.

During activation points in the first place will be written off previously accrued, to avoid combustion.

It is much easier to manage bonuses using a computer connected to the Internet , and Internet connection service management portal "Service Guide " by a megaphone. To access the portal , go to the official website and select your region from the drop-down list to the left of the logo. After this, go to "My Account" , located slightly to the right . If you use the "Service Guide " for the first time , create overgrown for a password, and after receiving it , use your phone number ( last 10 digits ) as a login .

After entering the "Service Guide" go to "bonuses and gifts" and there select "MegaFon-Bonus".

You must open a window to provide you with a list of bonuses available to you . Select the package and confirm your selection by pressing "Next" . After processing the request you will be notified about the successful activation of the bonus points .