How to find the connected services Beeline?For any tariff plan of mobile operator Beeline, apart from the standard set of services can also connect additional services , both free and requires daily fee. In order to avoid unnecessary expenditure of funds on the account is useful to periodically monitor the list of connected services to disable unnecessary or become connected by mistake Services . This can be done in various ways.

  1. For a list of connected services Beeline mobile phone, send the USSD-command of the following form:
    * 110 * 09 # ✆
    After a while, the phone must be received an SMS message with a list of connected services.
  2. You can also use the free menu for self-service management of Beeline, which becomes available after dialing:
    * 111 * # ✆

    Move the points of the menu by pressing "OK" on the phone keypad, select the desired menu item number and by pressing the "OK" to confirm.
    To request an SMS with the list of services in this menu, you need to go to the following path:
    1 "My Beeline" - 1 "My Account" - 3 "My Services."

    After a while, go SMS c
    listing all activated services.
  3. The most convenient way to determine the connected services on the Beeline subscriber if your computer and the Internet is the use of a personal account.
    Personal account - a system of self-service users, working on the official website of Beeline and designed for easy service management and control.
    To enter the private office ask for a password to it by sending a request to the cellular phone of the following form:
    * 110 * 9 # ✆

    After receiving a password, open the main page of the official website of Beeline and enter the window on the right above the login form in the last ten-digit cell phone number and password you received in the SMS message.
    When the page is updated , you will be taken to the main page personal account. Click on " Service Management" and turn a new page to the " List of connected services " for information about how to activate the service
All product or service names in the list on the page personal account presented in the form of hypertext links by clicking on which you can get detailed information on a particular service.