How to restore the Beeline sim card?

Cases when lost or stolen mobile phones are together mounted with SIM cards are not so rare. And if the chances to quickly find your phone itself, you have to be honest is not very large, then restore sim card, with a telephone number, which is well known to all of your loved ones is easy. This is especially important for those who have a cell phone number is used for authorization in a variety of electronic payment systems and services online bankiga. In such cases you need as soon as possible to block the old sim card and restore with the same number of new ones.


Consider the basic methods of how to restore Simka Beeline.
  1. If you are in the vicinity of the sales and service offices of Beeline mobile operator in your city and you have a passport , contact the personnel office , passport or any other document proving your identity , fill out an application for registration and recovery rooms and you activated immediately and will be given a new simkarty . Old lose its efficiency, but with a new you in five m
    inutes will be in touch.
  2. If possible contact the offices of Beeline you in the moment, to begin with , lock your sim card . This can be done through a private office, or by calling toll-free at 8-800-700-0611 . To identify you as the owner simkarty will be requested your passport details . Be prepared to call them .

Once you will be able to visit the office of Beeline or dealer, and write an application for a replacement SIM card.

On the recovery of SIM cards after the lock has 30 days after the service contract is terminated simkarty and you cease to be the owner of the number. Therefore , lay in the " back burner " restore SIM cards do not need . If you are very busy and can not visit the office of "Beeline" on their own , use the courier service .

After replacing the SIM cards for you naturally save a phone number, the current tariff plan and account balance.