How to bring a hornet's nest?

Almost every second gardener at one time tried to fight the wasps. Because of their natural tendency to warm and inconspicuous place (inconspicuous animals but not to humans), these insects like to arrange nests under the canopies of balconies, attics, cottages, etc. If time is not out of "smoke" in a few weeks the population will increase, and at your site, you may receive the second column. Therefore, we must act decisively. And without mercy: the benefits of OS gardener is not so much, but the damage - more than enough.

Chemical attack on the OS
The most effective way to deal with wasps - chemical treatment of the nest and places around him. Modern manufacturers of household chemicals for these purposes can provide the buyer with a whole line of products , insecticides. Economy ( but quite effective) option - the usual " dichlorvos " . Slightly more expensive will cost you "Raptor " or the " Moskitol . Protection against wasps . " You can also purchase sprays "Ghetto ", " Troapsil " or " Smelnet ." Last
characterized by a long lifespan ( up to 8 months) and the complete absence of odor .

  • we seek nests of wasps.
  • evening (or night) when the "enemy" was asleep, carefully cut away the nest.
  • fill the nest with insecticide.
  • destroy the nest (and poisoned wasps with it).
How to destroy the wasp hive?
Elementary - drown.

You can use water instead of gasoline.

And finally,
The treatment is best done in the evening or at night, when most of the colony back to the hive.