How to get a sim card from the iPhone?

Like many other things , removal of SIM-card in the iPhone sold an original way and unlike similar operations in other smartphones . The iPhone it does not need to switch off the device , remove the back cover and remove the battery . Removing the SIM card can be performed on the operating device quickly and conveniently. The phone will retain the ability to work with different applications . Will be available only to the functions and services provided by the network operator .

To remove the SIM-card from your iPhone, follow these steps:
  1. Prepare a special clip , which is used to extract SIM-cards. This clip is supplied by Apple to iPhone To each and stored in a paper envelope with a brief guide to using your phone. If it is lost or clip from the phone box is not available to you at any given time , you can use ordinary paper clip suitable thickness .
  2. Locate the tray receiver for SIM-card in the phone . The iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS it will be located in the upper end of the phone. The iPhone 4 , 4S , and 5 on t
    he right side of the phone . On one side of the tray would be the opening. Insert the clip at right angles with a certain pressure against the force of a spring. The tray slides out from the body by a few millimeters phone and display the message ¬ęSIM- card is not inserted ."
  3. Remove the tray from the fingers and take the phone embedded in a SIM card . Then you can insert the empty tray back into the phone, or attach a new sim card with the angled corner on the map. Special grooves in the tray and the body of the phone let you install it in only one correct orientation. After the tray lightly press your finger on it until it locks in the body of the phone .
As mentioned at the beginning, the extraction and installation of SIM cards in the iPhone can be performed without disconnecting devices.