How to get rid of mole crickets?

As soon as the holiday season kicks off, one of the burning topics that discuss gardeners, of course, there is a problem - how to get rid of mole crickets? And indeed, this vreditelnitsa breeds in areas by leaps and bounds. Moreover, it disgusts her view, so more and destroying half of the crop! However, in order. This dark-brown insect is fairly large dimensions, reaches a length of 60 mm. Its front legs are well adapted for digging. It operates mostly at night, at the same time acquires the ability to move through the air overcomes the rather large distance.


Winter mole cricket conducts underground, very often - in dung heaps , digs deeper than a meter. Sabotage activities of this insect can be recognized by a deep horizontal tunnels , she lays in most fertilizers and warm places , that is , in the beds . At the same time prefers low-lying wet areas .
Females lay medvedok rather large oval-shaped eggs, which are then hatched larvae initially resemble spiders.
Medvedkov, sometimes called earthen crabs, dig
tunnels, and along the way gnaw the roots and stems of plants, seeds and do not stop.
Control of these pests is complicated by the fact that they have an extraordinary vitality.

Ways to combat Medvedkov
In the shops you can buy products that are designed specifically to deal with these pests.
Pretty effective way, but it's chemicals, their many gardeners try to avoid.
  1. Autumn dug a small hole in the garden and filled with manure. Medvedkov very quickly and in large numbers are going in the "warm" place. It is here that they arranged for the winter. But with the onset of cold manure entire home with pests spread out over the site where the mole crickets freeze. To be sure, the early spring all the manure is collected and burned at the stake
  2. Medvedkov can not tolerate water and soap . This can be used . Prepare concentrated solution based on soap , and pour it into each hole , dug by pests . Medvedkov necessarily leave their refuge and summer residents will not be difficult to destroy them one by one.
  3. There is another proven way to folk who can help get rid of mole crickets . In the spring the newly thawed ground lay pieces of cardboard , plywood , boards . Soon, under them are bound to be pests . We need to pour into a bucket of water , add the kerosene . Gathered under the shelter medvedok thrown into this bucket . The same trap can organize and summer garden path .
  4. Before the decisive struggle with harmful insects to find their habitats. This is usually areas with withering plants. Podgryzaya their stems and roots , mole crickets used trick: make it so that the leaves do not fall from the shadow on the egg laying . On this basis it easy to find a hole with a dense compacted lump of soil - nest mole crickets , which can be up to two hundred eggs. Destroy them - so protect your garden next summer .
  5. Experienced gardeners claim that the mole crickets can not stand touching crushed eggshells , which need to mulch the soil around the plants. Especially this method is good for the protection of newly planted seedlings - favorite treat garden pests.
    To protect seedlings , especially cabbage , invented many ingenious ways . For example, this : pieces of natural tissue moistened with water , and before the planting of seedlings wrapped their feet . They say that the mole cricket as such plants are not touching and tissue gradually rot .
    For less tender seedlings can be consumed instead of fabric 10 -centimeter intervals cut garden hose . They are worn so that the lower end rested on the root of the seedlings , and the upper part of three centimeters above ground .
    Sometimes, protect and trunk, and the entire root system of cans with the cut ends.
  6. You can build such a trap . Take a glass jar , spread honey inside of the neck of the jar and bury it in the ground , loosely covering the neck of the board. Attracted by the smell of honey , mole crickets creep in a jar , where not choose.
  7. To protect against medvedok the gardens even build windmills . Their construct of the old three-meter pipe , the top of which is attached metal propellers . These turntables during rotation creates a lot of noise that repels insects . Typically, mole crickets are not found in the gardens , where wind turbines are installed .
  8. It turns out that mole crickets - are big fans of beer. This drink is filled with a quarter bottle necks tied with gauze and buried so that the ground sprinkled with necks tilted by three centimeters off the ground . Two weeks later, the bottle will be filled with Medvedkov , who gnawed through cheesecloth to get to the beer , and are trapped . So you can do during the summer .
  9. You can take advantage of the fact that mole crickets do not like the smell of pine.
  10. Planted between rows of marigolds, calendula, parsley, garlic, too scared off by the smell of pests.
    Good tool - dried and crushed stalks of chrysanthemums.
  11. Aspen stake is not only afraid of evil spirits, and mole crickets.

Of course, not easy to get rid of mole crickets.

If you do not believe in the efficiency of the processes (although they are checked on the experience of many farmers), use chemicals, many of which in specialized stores.