How to determine the Yandex traffic jams?

Navigation software from the leading Russian search engine Yandex first became available in 2012 for tablets and smartphones and in a short time has gained a well-deserved popularity in major cities. In many ways, this contributed to the built- in service is the ability to analyze the traffic situation and a route taking into account traffic jams. Inquiring minds that are not only beneficial use of the invention , but also trying to understand how they work, are interested in the question of how Yandex defines cork .

Determination difficulties of traffic on the roads
In fact, the idea is quite simple. Get information about the current load of a section of the road to help themselves motorists who use Yandeks.Probki application on their mobile devices. This occurs as follows. These GPS-enabled tracking of the (moving) car on the devices connected to the Internet, through the program are transferred to the computer system Yandex. The analysis of the system occurs coordinates, velocity and direction of movemen
t. The data are checked for compliance with the usual traffic conditions at the site and on the basis of the workload is based Google.Maps individual road sections. A schematic drawing of the generalized data on individual cities we see on the map as red, yellow and green sections of roads.

picture tubes work with tubes work with the apparent simplicity hides a complex analysis of the incoming data. The system should take into account the error of determining the coordinates of GPS-devices to distinguish stopped on her way from the driver really got stuck in traffic. In many ways, this contributes to the amount of incoming data. The more the car is running and connected to the Internet application Yandeks.Navigator move for a portion of the road, the more accurate the data on utilization of this site. For this reason, Yandex has partnership agreements for data c mobile devices with companies company cars which are often moving around town in different directions. First and foremost is, of course, taxi service.

In addition to mobile devices in large cities can use the direct observation of key highways using cameras installed . Based on the density of traffic on the controlled area of network operators in accordance with the assessment of the observed environment . Green indicates that the movement is not hampered , yellow indicates temporary difficulties , and red that on the road there is a serious traffic jam.

Obtaining data on road accidents
On Yandex.Maps accidentOn Yandex.Maps accidentSeparately, it must be said about the details of the accident. They come from two sources. Firstly, by the class-conscious drivers who noticed a traffic accident, put a note in the Yandex.Maps. Second, the data are obtained on the basis of special processing technology tracks. As mentioned above in determining the coordinates of inevitable error, which shift the transmission data from the card to the car walkways, roofs, or the oncoming lane. But on the basis of accurate maps with high detail, displaying all of the buildings, facilities, layout and traffic patterns are adjusted data. This program allows the analyzer to "see" that, for example, on one of the bands has slowed movement and rebuild lanes of moving vehicles. Therefore, with high probability we can speak of an accident in this band.

Assigning points situation on the roads
To include the situation on the roads in major cities to one of the values ​​on a scale model made up of routes specific to the village. The program calculates how much the predicted time traffic according to the routes, taking into account the current situation on which the reference time at which it is possible to drive in normal conditions without violating the rules of the road. Based on this calculation the average score ranging from 0 points when the movement is absolutely free, to 10 points, when the movement of all the popular destinations "worth it."

Thus, Yandex traffic jams determines , based on a fairly simple idea , the technical implementation of which is very complex. Sustaining service operational spent millions of dollars per year, but these costs are directly or indirectly, the company has successfully met through contextual advertising.