Contact operator MegaFon?

When you want to get information about a service , to specify the tariff plan or change it to request details of the costs of the bank , to block the SIM-card in case of loss , a ban on connecting services provaderov content , or perform any other action regarding your contract to the use of communications services , you will need to contact the operator , MegaFon . Most of the complaints of this kind are served by automated systems ( voice mail ) on the basis of short standard instructions.


In case if your question or problem are individual and can not be solved with the help of automated tools need to contact one of the service operators MegaFon , as nothing can replace live communication between people. This can be done in different ways.
  1. Call mobile phone information service megaphone to a short number 0500. The call to this number is free and is valid for subscribers of MegaFon network , regardless of the region of their service. Initially, you will also answer the answering machine , but doing his ins
    tructions and entering the corresponding figures can go to communicate with the expert customer service of the operator .
  2. Call from a fixed line to a toll free number Help Desk 8-800-550-05-00 . Despite the fact that the call is free, your telephone must be able to enter the long-distance calls . Be careful. Your call to this number with the operator can be recorded .
  3. You can ask a question from the official site of Megafon . To do this , open the site, select your region from the list of services in the main menu on the right , click on "Help" section . After updating the page on the left , select the item from the list , " Ask a Question " . In the form in the appropriate fields enter your surname , name and patronymic , select the nature of the question , provide your megaphone , telephone number , e-mail to communicate and specify the issue . After reviewing your question the answer will come to the specified e-mail.
  4. Ask a question to the site via the feedback form at the bottom of the page of the official site . To get to this form , open the official site of Megafon and web- page , scroll to the bottom . Find the link " Contact Us " and click on it. Fill in the appropriate fields your name and contact e-mail, select the tariff plan from the list below , enter the cell phone number , and additional contact phone specify question. Click the "Send" button to transmit your request in MegaFon .
  5. Make a video call specialist subscription service . For him also need to go to the "Help" section of the official site of MegaFon , go to the page "Ask a question " and click on it the " Call " . Software site will have access to the camera and microphone on your phone or computer, and will take you to a session with a specialist. In case you do not have a web-camera , you 'll see a specialist subscription service , and you do not have it . Service "Videocall" is available only available on weekdays from 8-00 to 21-00 .

In some cases, such as blocking a lost SIM-card handling MegaFon specialists you may be required to call a code word, or no passport data.