As a true propolis on alcohol?

The healing properties of propolis can talk endlessly, and its benefit to the person it is difficult to overestimate. Even the ancient Egyptians appreciated propolis in action, and since then the substance is actively used in medicine and cosmetology. On the basis of preparing medicines, ointments, creams, and if the present propolis on alcohol, you get an excellent remedy for strengthening the immune system. Tincture of propolis help defeat viruses and germs, relieve spasms, and to cope with the poisoning. And most importantly - its impact on the human body is extremely beneficial.

Alcohol tincture of propolis at times more effective than herbal teas and water it extracts . Alcohol allows you to keep most of the beneficial properties , so for the treatment and prevention of various diseases , doctors recommended that you use alcohol tincture . And in combination with hot tea , warm milk , or tinctures compote efficiency increases.

Prepare a tincture of propolis on alcohol at home
To prepare an alcohol tinct
ure can take rubbing alcohol , wine or a good vodka . Experts recommend taking 70% alcohol, explaining that many of the nutrients more readily soluble in water . Depending on the purpose for treating a disease used infusion , it can be prepared like a 5% and 50 % of th . That is, 100 ml of alcohol take 5 or 50 grams of propolis respectively. The most popular is a 10% and a 20% :
  1. Tincture of propolis on alcohol.For its preparation need to take one hundred milliliters of alcohol required amount of propolis (from 5 to 50 grams). It must first be crushed . Prepare a jar or other container made ​​of dark glass and fold it in propolis . Fill it with alcohol and close the lid. Remove the container in a dark place and leave at room temperature for 5-7 days , shaking occasionally . Over time, the infusion should be strain through cheesecloth or a conventional strainer and pour into a clean container .
  2. Propolis tincture with vodka.For liqueur vodka should be of high quality . Take a bottle of dark glass (you can of wine ) and pour it chopped propolis . On the bottle volume of 0.7 liters is necessary to take 100 grams of propolis . Fill it with vodka and plug the bottle. For storage , remove it in a dark place for a couple of weeks . To propolis good present , it is necessary to shake the bottle at least once a day. As time passes, you must drain the finished tincture .
Important! Propolis before use must be separated from unwanted contaminants. For this purpose it is necessary to grind and cover with cold water . Wax and the remaining impurities emerge and the desired substance will remain on the bottom. After that you need to remove unwanted substances from the surface with a spoon , and drain the water . Propolis is first dried and then used .

How to make a tincture of propolis on alcohol?
The treatment is infusion from one week to six weeks , after which you need to take a break. The infusion of pure take in any case it is impossible, otherwise it will burn the mucous membrane . It is necessary to add a warm beverage. The dosage depends on the age and nature of the disease , so it is to consult with your doctor .

Dilute tincture also need to correct: first infusion drip into the glass and then pour the liquid.

When you first decide to try tincture of propolis , it is necessary to ensure its portability . To do this to reduce the dosage in several times and diluted with liquid. Then during the day it must be ensured , to see whether an allergic reaction: itching, redness of the skin , shortness of breath , swelling , blisters and others. At the slightest allergy welcome infusion should be discontinued. Children , too, can be treated with propolis tincture , but only after prior consultation of the attending physician .

Alcohol tincture of propolis is used to treat various diseases.