How to take motherwort tablets?

Buying expensive imported drugs, many do not know that some of them have inexpensive domestic counterparts. These drugs include motherwort quite effective sedative. Acquire it at a pharmacy in the form of dry grass, alcohol tincture or tablets. It is impossible to say exactly what this diversity means more efficient, because all these forms have the same effect, so everyone can choose more convenient for him kind of taking the drug. This article will be discussed about motherwort tablets, which is most convenient to carry.

Motherwort - sedative drug, that is, it is a good sedative . Properties had roughly the same as in the no less famous valerian - it take for problems sleeping, high nervous excitability , arrhythmia. Motherwort lowers blood pressure , but because it shows also take and gepertonii .

Form release tablets is convenient because it is difficult to make a mistake when taking a dosage . The tablets can be taken once or course. For example, not to worry before an important event , take 1-2 tablet
s of the drug for an hour and a half before the event. Motherwort does not act immediately , he needed about an hour to act .

If your problem is not solved a single application , consult a doctor and start taking motherwort course. If you have insomnia, take pills for a month. Wash down one tablet a half cups of water an hour before bedtime . If you have increased the nervousness , the drug should be taken several times a day ( 3-4 ) for an hour before a meal. The course lasts about a month , but according to the doctor may be extended or shortened .

Then , when you take motherwort, you may experience reduced attention, and therefore it is better to avoid situations where you need a strong concentration of attention , such as driving a car . If you study or your work is connected with the analysis of numbers or product specific calculations , you may be difficult to work as usual, and you will feel some distraction .

The main contraindications in the drug only three : pregnancy, lactation , and personal intolerance , but because it is a fairly common drug. Produced by different pharmaceutical companies , but you can safely choose a tool that is cheaper - in most cases you overpay for a " hyped " the company's brand or auxiliaries , the main component in all media pustyrnika tablets the same .

If you notice unpleasant consequences or feel unwell while taking motherwort tablets, be sure to consult your doctor to avoid possible complications.