How to push during labor?

One of the most serious challenges, through which almost all women - birth. How much they will last and how much will be painful, depending on the pregnant woman, her composure and concentration. There are three phases of labor: contractions and delivery attempts. All three different nature and complexity of the flow. Attempts - the most painful phase, it largely depends on whether a woman makes an effort. Though considered to be a natural process of birth are requested to consider the information on how to help yourself during the most painful phase. You need to learn how to push.

There are two different approaches to how to push the right track. The first - of course, no one controlled and managed. Attempts occur naturally and spontaneously. They are quite powerful, so the child is moving quickly. Women just need to relax, but do not lose: do not hold your breath for a long time, but when fights to breathe calmly, confident and deeply. Good visualization helps when giving birth are invited to imagine a b
lossoming flower and "release" of the child himself. The second approach to the vain attempts - managed, ie the doctor has full control over delivery, suggests when to push and when - no. In these sorts frequent breaks, as my mother gets tired very quickly.

Right to push during labor and to facilitate this period may be in the case if you know some simple rules.
  1. Try to get up on his haunches . It may not be possible, because in our maternity wards made ​​to give birth in the horizontal position. Births upright natural for a woman , as delivery promotes natural force of gravity. If you have to give birth on the back, pull your knees to be myself ( to armpit) , and separate them . Thus it will be easier to bear .
  2. Direct efforts to reproductive organs , can not push to the " head and face ." If mothers eyesight as a result of improper actions , it may deteriorate or will have problems with vnutriglazovym pressure. Besides headaches may occur due to the stress in the occipital region.
  3. Do not pinch and try not to scream a lot.
  4. Push, when the stomach is "blown away."
  5. If attempts to become slack or disappeared altogether, it is necessary for the ability to change position.
  6. In the second, the third delivery of the vagina can tear the fabric.
  7. Listen to your body's signals.
  8. Rest between attempts, to be ready for the next battle.
Do not neglect the above rules. If the mother is fully ready to leave, it is possible thereby ease the pain and help your child to be born soon . After birth, the pain and the memories will go by the wayside, instead there will be new bright feelings associated with the baby, whose birth order was applied so much effort .