The largest Russian search engine Yandex has for a long time takes into account the current location of the user in forming responses to input requests. This, without further elaboration , provides a more accurate your search results in the so -called geozavisimym requests . That is, the demands , the answer to that will depend on the region where the user is located . For example, at the request of " home appliances " to be entered in Saratov resident Yandex , will be useless search results by Moscow store .

In addition, all geozavisimye services and Yandex widgets, such as "map", "weather", "Jam", and outputs information based on the data of the town in which the user is located.

If the city of residence was not previously listed in the personal account settings on Yandex , the user's current location search engine tries to determine automatically IP-address . It is for this reason that the majority of subscribers who receive from their ISP to connect to the Internet dynamic IP- addresses, the current loc
ation can be determined correctly. To fix them you need to force the Yandex town where you are.

How to change the city in Yandex
Follow these steps to specify an accessory to this or that region.
  1. Open the home page
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, click "Personal Settings" and in the list that appears, select "Change City."

    personal settings in Yandexpersonal settings in Yandex

  3. Type in the search box the name of your town and after finding it, click "Save".

    preservation of the city in the settingspreservation of the city in the settings

Check the correct settings can be returned to the main page of Yandex.

check the city on the main pagecheck the city on the main page

If done correctly , then the setting is now stored in the browser you use , all requests Yandex will give answers based on your actual location , and widgets will display information for your specific city.