How to connect unlimited internet on MTS?

For users who have , for various reasons there is no possibility to connect a relatively inexpensive wired internet is almost the only possible way is to use the 3G network , which provides access to cellular operators , including MTS . Also, unlimited Internet connection at MTS popular with owners of modern smartphones and tablets , which , regardless of its location tend to make full use of the data inherent in electronic gadgets opportunities.

Unlimited Internet from MTS computer
To connect computers to the Internet MTS offers a set of " MTS Connect" consisting of a 3G or 4G modem and SIM-card with the respective tariff plan. Also presented packages of "MTS Connect" composed of 3G or 4G router that you will need if you plan to use the internet at the same time on more than one computer.

The tariff plan "MTS Connect" has several varieties.
Tariff PlanRecommendations for useTop speedTraffic limitMonthly payment
Unlimited dayYou pay only the days when using the InternetNot limited
(After exhausting the limit r
educed to 64 kbit / s)
250 MB / day30 rubles.
50 rubles.
Internet-MiniFor fans of social networkingNot limited4GB / month.500 rubles.
Internet-MaxiThe active site visits, the use of mail, downloading musicNot limited7 GB / month700 rubles.
Internet-SuperDownload movies, clips, musicNot limited12 GB / month1000 rubles.
Internet-VIPDownload and view HD-quality moviesNot limited25 GB / month1400 rubles.

Unlimited Internet from MTS for tablets

It can be implemented on the basis of a set of acquisition "MTS Tablet", which includes SIM-card with the tariff or through a connection option "MTS Tablet" to the existing map.

In both cases, tariff plans are the same.
Tariff PlanLimit bandwidth per monthMonthly payment
MTS Tablet2GB400 rubles.

Will differ only ways to connect . In the first case , you will need to purchase a set in one of the customer service offices , and the second - by sending an SMS with the text to the number 835 111. You can also activate the service by dialing the phone number 111835 and press the call button.

Unlimited Internet from MTS phone
To access the Internet from a mobile phone tariff plans offered "BIT" and "Superb".
Tariff PlanTerritory coveredThe limit of daily trafficMonthly paymentTeam to connect
BITMoscow, Moscow region50MB149 rubles.
22 # ✆
SuperbAll of Russia100 MB299 rubles.
62 # ✆

We hope that this article will help you make a choice on what the package unlimited internet MTS need you.