How to register for Avito?

Avito is by far the largest site in the country, which may advertise the sale of goods and services to individuals and companies . After uptake of its closest competitors in the face of the other two sites personal ads - and, board Avito became virtually a monopoly in this field with a daily audience of several million unique visitors a day , which are placed hundreds of thousands of new announcements .

Place your ad on to sell Avito very simple.
  1. Open registration form can be the home page, clicking on the "My Account" and select the pop-up list, select " Create ." You can also go directly to the completed form to

    transition to register with the home pagetransition to register with the home page

  2. The registration form in the first place you have to choose in what capacity you will be recorded: as an individual, or an organization.
  3. Then, in the appropriate fields , enter your name , email address , phone number , password, password confirmation and verification text from the image intended to protec
    t against auto-enrollment . If you can not make out the characters in the image merged , then click " Another picture " next to it and you are presented with a new set of letters and numbers.

    Form rgeistratsii on AvitoForm rgeistratsii on Avito

  4. To avoid breaking the rules of the site , ad blocking and account after filling out all the fields required to get acquainted with the terms of this agreement , which is located at If you agree with all the clauses of the agreement , then click "Register ." Otherwise, you have the right to continue registration.
  5. After pressing the button, a message box appears that tells you to check the mailbox to confirm the registration.

    Information about the need to check mailInformation about the need to check mail

    Open your e-mail address, locate it in a letter to Avito and follow the link specified therein.

    mail with a link podtvrezhdeniya registrationmail with a link podtvrezhdeniya registration

    It should be noted that the account can be activated within 30 days from the date of registration . In this case you will have access to all the site's features . But it is better to do it immediately , so you do not forget and do not be among remote users.
  6. After confirmation should appear short report that registration is successfully confirmed and you can go to My Account, or proceed directly to the classifieds . Also, you will be available to management your ads in your account .

    completion of registration Avitocompletion of registration Avito

According to the rules of a single user it is forbidden to how accounts. The site Avito automatic checks are carried out and it may cause lock you as a user of the service. If you have previously registered on Avito , but forgot your password to your personal account , use the password recovery function instead of re-registering.