How to get the second higher education for free?

Higher education is currently the de facto standard item in the list of requirements for the various vacancies in the labor market . On the one hand, it lowers the value of higher education , as many begin to consider it somewhat for granted , but on the other makes the most visionary people to think about getting a second higher education in addition to the first . This explains the sharp increase in recent years the number of applicants with two higher educations .

Unfortunately, the government limits us a free higher education.
  1. Get a second degree at the rough ground . If you are weaned more than two years at the university , and your student's record-book indicating the successful certification is according to your requirement , you must issue a diploma of incomplete higher education. For the first two years we studied the basic course , which will allow you to own professional skills. Thus, it is already possible employment or transfer to another school to study a new profession on a budgetary basis .

  2. End of Master in other sciences. In the context of the ongoing reforms in the higher education system, having the diploma or bachelor's degree, you can apply to any university you are interested to enter the magistracy on a budgetary basis. The opportunity to become a certified specialist in another profile is one of the key moments in the transition to a system of education "bachelor-master". An additional advantage of this method is that to enter the Masters of some universities is often much easier than to do the same for the first year.
  3. Seek funding from their employer . You are a valuable and promising specialist ? And your additional skills will benefit the company in which you work? Then there's the opportunity to get a second higher education at the expense of the employer. But there are some nuances of this option :
    • You sign a contract in which agree to work in this company a certain amount of years.
    • If you for some reason decided to stop training or have been expelled, the company will have to compensate all costs.

    If you are an employee of the university, then you only need to apply to the rector.
  4. Learn a grant for education. There is a huge amount of funds , as both domestic and foreign , are willing to pay for training particularly valuable skill in any university in the world. To do this, go to any fund , to fill the paper to explain why you should get a grant . If successful, you will pay more , and medical insurance, and a stipend .
  5. Take advantage of the law "On the Status of Servicemen " and the rights enshrined in it. If you have a higher military education , you have the right to get a second degree in any specialty is absolutely free. And if , after studying at the university , you go to the army under the contract , after 15ti years of service , you can qualify for the second higher education on a budgetary basis . This rule applies only for the evening and correspondence courses .
  6. Apply a small trick. It would be to simultaneously receive higher first and second. But only with a diploma of secondary vocational education. At one university to give a diploma, the second - a certificate. The main thing is to have time to study at two universities and to do so that no one suspected. Instead of a diploma in one of the universities can bring a certified copy of the certificate, saying that the latter lost. Before using this method, it is necessary beforehand to think things through and to assess their potential, as well as the likely consequences. Few people can cope with the double burden without compromising the quality of education and also you can simply expelled from both universities if the trick is accidentally disclosed.

With two degrees you will have a significant competitive advantage in the labor market, will be able to count on high-paying jobs in prestigious companies and the wide open career prospects.