How to go to medical school?

The medical profession by nature is considered a noble and valuable specialization. But today, it is completely devoid of generosity and good doctors can be counted on the fingers. Despite the fact that medical schools students are clogged, the country is still experiencing an acute shortage of highly qualified personnel. After a diploma of the medical school still does not mean that a student knows and can work effectively. But if you've always wanted to link their lives with medical activity and to take the oath of Hippocrates, why not take the chance to go to medical school ?!

How to choose the right medical school?
By the choice of the institute is to approach very seriously , as it will be the second home for the next 6-7 years . To begin choose for themselves the institution is not in the latter half of the graduating class , and while still in grade 10 . Only then can leisurely evaluate each institution individually selected and stop at 2 or 3 versions ( the good , the state allows to apply to severa
l institutions ) . Choose a university should be according to certain criteria :
  • educational base: the presence of laboratories, libraries, clinics and hospitals attached, cooperation with the morgue, Internet resources;
  • Infrastructure: located hostel buildings, student life, sports complexes and stuff.
For example, if the institution is in another city, you should find out in advance whether there is a hostel and how far it is located in the educational building.

Also, you need to decide in advance with the specialty of this depends on how soon start preparing for college.

Pre-university training
So what to do in medical school is difficult, you should start preparing for the entrance exams for 2 years before admission, that is in the 10th grade:
  1. Pre- examining on what subjects are taken exams and exam , the emphasis in education should be done to them. These disciplines are: the Russian language, literature, biology, chemistry, and physics probably . In biology and chemistry will have to pass a single state examination , as the selection committee needs results in these subjects , and they must be sufficiently high.
  2. If you study the right subjects given not so easy, it is possible to hire a home tutor who "tighten" your knowledge.
  3. You can enroll in two-year courses in the selected college.
  4. If the opportunity to attend courses as much as 2 years old do not have, you can go through before entering the accelerated courses.
In any case, notes written on the preparatory courses will help prepare for the entrance exams.

What documents are required for admission?
To try to go to medical school, you must submit certain documents:
  • statement addressed to the Rector;
  • certificate of a school;
  • evidence of the exam;
  • photocopies of your passport;
  • photographs;
  • Reference 086-y;
  • insurance policy;
  • military card or registration certificate (for boys);
  • Documents for benefits.
The success of school life may indicate awards and certificates, results of competitions for the necessary items, so they should also present.

The application is best to write the low places, and if you suddenly do not work, it can be rewritten to pay.

Entrance exams
As mentioned above, go to medical school can be high-scoring exam in chemistry and biology. It is also necessary to pass the entrance of Russian language and literature. At various faculties examinations may vary, so you need to know about this in advance.

If the exam is supposed to be spoken , then we are at the answer be positive , clear . Sight should contact alternately with the eyes of members of the selection committee , confident gestures welcome. If the written exam , you take the trouble to do the job accurately, clear handwriting , in any case, not health .

After passing the entrance exam time comes the smear - waiting time results.

Useful tips
Why not go after a 9-classes in the College of Medicine at the Institute ?!

In many parts of the institutions open special medical school , which is a first-class further training for admission to a particular school . Or you can visit at an inopportune time medklassy in which classes are held on the additional study of biology, chemistry , physics, Russian and literature . Visiting them to enroll in medical school will be easier.

It is better to apply to the State Institute and to make several attempts to do than to do the first time in a non-state . In the latter , apart from a dubious diploma , you can get a number of limitations in the implementation of medical practice . In addition, when applying for a job requires a diploma is state-recognized .