How to prepare for the Protection of the diploma?

Protection of the diploma - an important and responsible action that puts the final point in a long process of higher education . Many students think that the most important thing in the thesis work - it's good to write it . However, even the highest-quality scientific thinking will not be assessed by the examination committee , if present them anyhow - crumpled and unconvincing , rude and evasive . Would you like to convey to all of his scientific point of view and get the highest score ? How should I prepare to defend the diploma !

A few tips to prepare for the Protection of the diploma
Preparation of the thesis is always in close contact with the supervisor . Without his approval certificate can not be submitted for protection. As soon as scientific director once again check your work , will make final changes to it and " good will " ( in the form of a mandatory review) , you can start thinking about how to prepare to defend the diploma .
  1. Once again please read my thesis. Pay attention to grammar mistakes
    ( unless you know literacy - give the text to check the equalizer ) and registration ( check whether decorated footnotes, there are no extra spaces in the text , and so on , and so on) .
  2. Prepare a report for the defense. Expect that you will say no more than five to seven , maximum - ten minutes (the exact time can be learned from his supervisor ) . Several times , read aloud the report prepared by slowly , slowly : if you see that do not fit into the allotted time , remove it from the less important provisions , or connect a few thoughts ( quotations ) into one.
  3. Try to get comfortable in his report so to read it , almost without looking at the paper : the less you do it , the more will make a favorable impression on the examination board . Please note that the text of the report should be issued in the form of oral rather than written language , that is, it will have to abandon the complex sentences , and involved verbal participle phrases . When making a presentation , use a large font ( for example, 14) and one and a half spacing between lines .
  4. Read the report prepared by their friends and relatives . Encourage them to ask you questions that arise after reading the information sounded . Try to answer these questions so , how would you respond to members of the examination committee .
  5. Prepare illustrations in several copies (ideally one for each member of the commission ) . This can be a computer presentation , made in MSPowerPoint, and conventional printing tables, charts , drawings, illustrations used in your research paper .
  6. Take a short summary of his speech-crib.
  7. Think about your appearance.
  8. Ask other students as were their protection.
  9. Prepare a few stock phrases that will be used in those cases when it is not able to give a clear answer to the question. You can say that " the theme of the study did not involve recourse to articulated problem ", " the issue is beyond the scope of this diploma ", " we will take into account all your wishes and will examine the issue in the course of further research ."
  10. On the eve of protection:
    • Happy again read the text of the thesis;
    • night several times Speak report;
    • night, try to have rest.
  11. Bring a bouquet of flowers.
Remember that , for all its importance ( for you ) , the protection of the diploma - quite an ordinary phenomenon for teachers. They listened to the reports every year students and can distinguish good from bad job , waves from the human does not understand what he leads it . But still try to use every opportunity to properly prepare a defense of the diploma , because the more time you will give to this process , the less will be nervous at the university , the easier it will be able to overcome an important educational milestone in your life .