How to protect a diploma?

Protection of the diploma - a public event , which employs several groups of people. On one side of the barrier is a student with his supervisor , on the other - Examining Board . As a support group and , at the same time , distraction may act to protect other students , waiting in the wings X. In order to defend a thesis , it is necessary not only to write it well . By the process of speech should be prepared in advance , but on the protection try to pull myself together and do everything as it should!

A few tips for the protection of the diploma
In defense of the diploma should be be prepared. It is necessary to be sure to get yourself a diploma (printed on white paper and intertwined into solid , elegant crust ) , the report and illustrative materials . Himself beloved and intelligent, it is desirable to put into the net , a strict dress ( white top, black bottom ) . Examiners would be nice to bring flowers . Then everything will depend on your performance and behavior during the defense.
  1. In order to defend the thesis, it is necessary to submit a quality examination committee. This can be done by using the report. Classic report consists of five parts: at the start of the entry goes, having the form of a greeting ("Dear Chairman of the State Certification Commission, Distinguished members ... Allow me to introduce to your attention a thesis on ...", etc.), then sounded relevance , purpose, objectives, object and subject of study (for those who wrote the diploma not the report that they are in the "Introduction" of the work), as well as provisions for the defense, and then goes to familiarize commission with a synopsis of the work and research are findings of the research process. In the final part of the report to talk about the practical value of the thesis, and thank everyone for udelёnnoe attention.
  2. The report is not desirable to read and pronounce orally.
  3. Try not to mention in his report nothing of what you are not sure.
  4. Try to answer all the questions. Remember that the examiners in 99 percent of cases have not read your work and 70 - do not understand the defense made ​​at scientific problem . You can answer almost anything you want , focusing on their memories about the content of the diploma . In the most extreme case, you can always say that a question for the topic beyond the scope of your research , and you will try to consider it in the further study of the stated problem.
  5. From time to time glances at his supervisor . In the last expression can easily determine how correct answer given by you . Agree in advance with the teacher about what signs he will be brought to you in the course of protection. This will significantly increase your chances of success .
  6. To gain confidence, you can look in the direction of other graduate students waiting for their protection.
  7. Remember that you not only want to defend a thesis . In most cases ( except in those rare situations where between students and members of the commission , there are personal differences ) thesis students teachers try to help - simple and ask them leading questions , which often already contained the answer.
  8. Be polite and considerate.
Going to the protection of the diploma , gather your thoughts and feelings. Do not be afraid of anything . Relax. Try to make contact with each member of the examination committee . Do not treat teachers as enemies . Look at them through the eyes of a friend who shares his amazing and unique work of undoubted scientific interest and practical benefit your chosen educational and professional industry.